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Argos Brings Augmented Reality Catalogues for its Consumers

Argos Brings Augmented Reality Catalogues for its Consumers

Argos, the British retailer operating in the UK and Ireland, has brought augmented reality to their catalogues. Users can flip through their latest catalogue and see more than 300 pieces of augmented reality content just by scanning the catalogues with their existing Argos app. Customers will be able to get a wonderful shopping experience with these augmented reality catalogues. According to Argos, the use of this technology is the largest yet, as seen in UK retailing.

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How can the Customers Experience AR?

The customers can download the Argos app and use the Argos Scan function in it to scan the marked images and pages in the catalogue. This will activate interactive content in the form of product videos, competitions, games and 3D models of their products.

According to the chief digital officer at the Home Retail Group, Bertrand Bodson, their priority is to bridge the gap between the digital and physical world. With augmented reality in the catalogues, customers will be able to get a better shopping experience online and they can avail latest offers and check the stock levels in their stores easily.

The HP Aurasma SDK powers the Argos Scan functionality.

As per the general manager of Aurasma, Annie Weinberger, they are excited to make AR an integral part of their print to digital initiative. By integrating the Aurasma SDK, Argos will be able to provide its customers with AR catalogues that can be accessed easily than ever before.

What does the Argos Catalogue Include?

The new Argos catalogue consists of AR features that include competitions, games, videos etc. Users also get a chance to win £1,000 in Argos vouchers every month. They can ‘try on’ 11 pages of watches virtually. The new Heart of House home and furniture range can be viewed by them in different color variations. In the toy section of Argos, customers can view videos of the products from the Lego pages of the catalogue. They can also play games themed on Chad Valley and view 3D models of toys that are inspired by characters from the Transformers, Barbie, My Little Pony and Frozen. That’s not all; they can visualize how a TV set would look like when placed in their home, before buying it. All this is possible just by scanning the relevant pages with the Argos app.

The new augmented reality catalogues from Argos are definitely going to make the shopping experience of their customers interactive and unique.

What do you think?

Do you think the customers will get a rich shopping experience with Argos AR catalogues? What other AR apps related to retail have you used? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – mobilemarketingmagazine.com


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