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Augmented Reality Apps Amplifies Shopping Experience

Augmented Reality Apps Amplifies Shopping Experience

Buying online has a lot of advantages! You can compare price and read customer reviews before making the purchase decision. Besides, you can do a detail research about your potential purchase and get a clear idea about alternatives right from the comfort of your home.

Now the new trend of augmented reality apps, adopted by a number of retail stores, will offer you even more benefits that you can think of. For example, as you walk down an aisle at the supermarket, you can get the details of the store displays and other information about the products with a simple click from your smartphone’s camera. The augmented reality app will instantly capture all the details. You can even check for products with best reviews and find the best deals by sorting items by price, an experience more like online shopping.

Augmented reality apps can even provide additional details about products such as expanded nutritional information in case of food products and available model and options that are not on display. And this technology has more to offer.

You can turn your home into a virtual trial room using your webcam to try on garments and accessories before making a purchase decision. Many of the brands are offering augmented reality apps to allow their customers to get a look and feel of their desired items on them. And all these can be experienced without visiting the store or any kind of shipping involved.

Many of the large retailers are implementing augmented reality to provide custom shopping adventures. With the help of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, customers can interact with the special in-store signage, which help them through a series of tasks that they need to complete in order to make the purchase. It is a fun way for retailers to engage customers within a virtual environment.

Though AR technology is still in its infancy, its widespread adaptation seems to be unavoidable. In fact, the potential of this technology too looks promising. It allows users to experience the advantages of a brick-and-mortar store within a virtual world where, for example, they can enjoy facilities of a fitting room right from the comfort of their home. Similarly, customers of the retail stores can access tools and features of online shopping such as reading customer reviews, preferential sorting, price comparison, posting on social networks and peer feedback right from their current physical location with the help of these augmented reality apps.

Thus, it can be concluded that the future of augmented reality is bright as the technology can the ability to blur the lines between virtual and real world, when it comes to retail business.

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