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Augmented Reality Now Available at Supermarket Aisles

Augmented Reality Now Available at Supermarket Aisles

Augmented reality is already doing a lot of wonders in the retail segment; now imagine adding a fridge to your smartphone or tablet to redefine your grocery shopping experience!

The new augmented reality app will bring in-store posters to life, make retail mailers animated, and glass cows will now graze near the chiller. The AR technology has once again made product information just an app away for shoppers at supermarket. New Zealand’s Tip Top, Fresh’n Fruity, Anchor and Mainland brands from Fonterra Brands along with New World, the full-service supermarket chain in New Zealand have teamed up to offer customers the Little Fridge app. This latest in field of AR technology is first of kind in New Zealand and it is a part of the promotional campaign of the New World Little Shop. This augmented reality app will be launched soon.

Carl MacInnes, the FBNZ Group Category Manager said, “Augmented reality technology has been a big hit for retail brands globally over the last couple of years.” And the Kiwis download this augmented reality app to their tablets and smartphone. Grocery shopping will never be the same. He further added, “This is an untapped area in New Zealand and one with an exciting future for consumers. In 2012, Fonterra Brands New Zealand completed a Nationwide Shopper Research project to understand how people shop for their food. We’ve all had the experience of going around the aisles on autopilot, buying the same products each week. Shoppers told us that we had a great opportunity to make good information on products and nutrition readily available and to make the weekly shop more fun”

The fun quotient of this interactive shopping experience is that it can bring the promotion of New World’s Little Shop to life on the smartphones and tablets of the shoppers. And the products featured in their promotional campaign will come to life of their own.

Steve Bayliss, the Foodstuffs Group General Manager – Marketing says that this AR technology from Fonterra will add an exciting element to the already successful promotion of Little Shop. He added, “Little Fridge is the first AR experience in New Zealand and New World is delighted to be the first supermarket to offer our customers the opportunity to experience this fun and exciting new technology in store.”

To enjoy a special AR experience, shoppers need to download this augmented reality app and using their smartphone’s camera scan the mailers from New World to participate in the Anchor, Tip Top, Fresh’n Fruity Mainland Treasure Hunt, which is hidden in the stores of New World throughout the country. Shoppers need to collect four of the products of Fonterra Brands digitally using this augmented reality app and the winner will be chosen through a lucky draw and will get free ice-cream for a year.

Fonterra Brands New Zealand along with Satellite Media, its digital partner, has developed this augmented reality app to provide an interactive shopping experience to its buyers. This AR technology relies highly on image tracking recognition software. Matt McPhail, Content Director at Satellite said they are thrilled for being part of the country’s first augmented reality experiment.

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