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Baby Boomers Prefer E-Commerce over Mobile Shopping

Baby Boomers Prefer E-Commerce over Mobile Shopping

When it comes to interactive shopping, reports and trends show that baby boomers favor desktop shopping over mobile commerce sites. Though they will hardly accept that the generation is no longer young, the baby boomers have proved to be traditional when it comes to adapt some digital technologies such as interactive mobile shopping. The eMarketer published a new report called “Baby Boomers in the Marketplace: How the ‘Ever Young’ Generation Approaches Shopping, Health and Retirement”, which precise talks about the preferences of this generation when it comes to interactive shopping.

Baby boomers have been the target of the marketers for long as they have more income than the younger generation; however, they are hardly willing to spend freely. KRC Research and Vanson Bourne conducted a poll in May 2013 for Infosys. The report showed that two-thirds of Internet users in US ages 50 to 69 have strongly accepted that they search online for price comparison when making expensive or big purchases.

However, it is essential to consider that boomers are TV generation and it is generally a TV commercial that would initiate their interest in a particular product. They are less likely to pay attention to online advertising when they come across one. Ipsos Global @dvisor and Ipsos OTX conducted a survey on US internet users in March 2013. The report says that 36 percent of 50-to-64 age group accepted that they saw online commercial in the past month while just 11 percent of them clicked on a pop-up add or banner.

American Life Project and Pew Internet conducted polling in January 2013 that found that 12% of the mobile phone owners in United States belonging to the 50-to-64 age group used desktop computers and smartphones to compare prices in-store in the prior 30 days. The percentage is much lower than that of the number of younger adults.

Thus, brands targeting baby boomers must consider that pre-purchase planning for this generation is stage at home, instead of doing it in a store at the last minute. The marketer’s messages that boomers usually watch are more likely to be on a computer screen rather than on a smartphone or tablet screen.

There are many baby boomers who hardly hit a store for shopping purposes as e-commerce appeal them more. According to an estimation made by eMarketer, three-quarters of Internet using boomer in US, which accounts to 45.2 million people, will become digital buyers by the end of the year.

The older boomers are also fascinated by ecommerce, though they are no way a highly digital group. GfK Roper Consulting conducted a survey in March 2013 for UnitedHealthcare. According to this survey 79% of internet users in US who belong to ages 60 to 65, have included online shopping as one of the activities they do on the web.

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