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How Augmented Reality can Shape Future Marketing Solutions?

How Augmented Reality can Shape Future Marketing Solutions?

Smart, wearable devices like Google Glass and Qualcomm Vuforia are likely to increase customer engagement, brand loyalty and revenue by an order of magnitude. Such wearable computing devices use augmented reality to encourage user engagement. Apart from engaging users, the new generation of augmented reality apps helps businesses to capture what users of these smart devices are seeing, which in turn, helps in understanding the user behaviors. Accordingly, businesses can optimize their engagement.

The AR technology allows users to navigate through an augmented reality world, where superimposed graphics, video, audio and other sensory enhancements are used over a real-world environment and in real-time. It is indeed possible to capture a wealth of AR data using the cameras of your smartphone; this change the way we see the real world through the mobile device screens. Though it is quite similar to the way visitors view a web page on a computer screen, the mobile apps provide significantly more information. This is because user behaviors and vision metrics captured by the lenses of your wearable device or mobile device can be coupled with the app’s conversion metrics. It also helps in increasing engagement. However, we are yet to understand the effect on augmented reality apps on customer lifetime value as this is now becoming another significant type of convergence analytics.

As of now, it is safe to say that augmented reality technology affects both the quantitative and qualitative dimensions of conversion. For the quantitative dimension, AR technology helps to capture the amount of time the users keep the camera on along with its speed, angle and direction of motion as well as the changes in the object’s size. And for qualitative dimensions, it helps to gather information about sounds, color, shapes, relative locations of the objects, and other similar parameters that the business is testing.

The longer the camera stays on, the more your viewers will be engaged. Besides, the user enjoys greater engagement when object gets larger in the view or the viewing angles change. This, in turn, helps in increasing the conversion rates. However, it is not enough to capture the vision behavior alone. You will also need a purpose of the user session. In other words, you must optimize the augmented reality experience just like you would optimize a website experience. You must integrate a link, button or something to capture the action, which is presented through the mobile app. It can be a share button, a survey form, a product review/ information page, or a purchase page. The bottom line is to understand viewer behaviors and optimize it accordingly around both real-life and online actions. This purpose along with the vision behavior will help you to engage your customers with the products, display or sign.

Besides, augmented reality apps can help you to increase your social mentions. When you add a social sharing button and encourage your consumers to share the product picture with their peers online, it helps in your word-of-mouth marketing. You can motivate the consumers to share the image for various purposes ranging from feedbacks from friend and family to discount offers.

It has been observed that augmented reality apps help in increasing engagement and customer LTV in the retail sphere. Besides, the AR applications along with data driven analytics and key metrics allow marketers to develop analytics for the real world. There are both big and small companies entering the augmented reality market and developing some amazing AR software and products that can accurately recognize people, objects, and colors. These technologies, when combined with user profile information and GPS data, can help to create powerful marketing solutions for businesses.

Image Source – qualcomm.com

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