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NET-A-PORTER’s Augmented Reality Campaign for its 2014 Spring/Summer Collection

NET-A-PORTER’s Augmented Reality Campaign for its 2014 Spring/Summer Collection

Net-a-porter.com, the world’s leading online luxury fashion retailer for women, has unveiled an augmented reality campaign for its 2014 spring/summer collection. With this campaign, shopping will become even easier for the fashion conscious women. To get the hottest looks of the season, all they need to do is just use the brand’s app, which is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android. With the use of augmented reality technology, shoppers will be able to make their purchases directly from the page, just by scanning it with the Net-a-porter app.

The AR Campaign

The spring/summer print campaign which uses this amazing technology comprises of four scenes which features the black packaging of the brand.  The scenes have been snapped in Paris and have been improved with the use of Layar technology.

How does it work?

The Layar technology lets the shoppers scan the page in which the scenes are printed. With the help of the Net-a-porter app, shoppers need to scan the advertisements. This will activate the products to appear in front of the shoppers’ screen. However, only the five best products which have been sold the most will appear. Shoppers can then directly buy any of those products if they wish to.

The same five products are not visible for all of the advertisements. Consumers using the app will find different products for each of the campaigns. That’s not all; the products triggered through augmented reality not only change for the four different advertisements, but they also change every month. If shoppers get to see five products for a campaign this month, they will see a set of five different bestselling products for the same campaign, next month.

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In each print campaign, there is a model showcasing the brand. Shoppers will be able to see a ‘shop’ button which hovers over the model. On clicking that button, users will be taken to a selected list of products. The list will contain items which will help the shoppers get the exact look of the model in the given campaign. So, nailing that exact look won’t be a problem for the stylish women anymore.

Women shoppers worldwide can buy the products easily as this AR campaign is available in the print publications across the world.

Image Source – pioneeringooh.com

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