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Nilorn Targets Trade Customers with Augments Reality

Nilorn Targets Trade Customers with Augments Reality

Nilorn, the labels and swing ticket producing company, is now targeting its trade customers with the help of augmented reality advertising. The company used an augmented reality app called Aurasma, allowing readers to scan the print ad of Nilorn that swaps a static image with a video where a girl goes shopping and highlights the products of Nilorn.

At present, the company use AR technology for their swing tickets, which are produced for retailers like Ted Baker. This move of Nilorn allows its clients to present further product information as well as a marketing message to their respective customers.

According to Chris Nicholl, the design manager of Nilorn UK “Augmented reality is not new to the industry but it is becoming more accessible to the mainstream and in the next year I think it is going to become much more utilized not only in consumer media but also in business to business.”

Nilorn is not the first company to use augmented reality in consumer media. Various other companies have also used AR technology in a number of campaigns and some of them were widely talked about, especially after the launching of augmented reality issue of Grazia.

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