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Retail & Augmented Reality Trends

Retail & Augmented Reality Trends

The retail industry is expected to redefine itself with the emergence of augmented reality. This innovative and exciting technology can influence business applications like never before. It enhances the real world vision using innovative technology to provide users an opportunity to interact with digital or real objects with the help of an augmented reality app. The concept is nothing new; in fact, the military and several other high technology areas have been using the AR technology. However, it is the advent of smartphones with cameras and mobile apps that AR has been put to use for retail business.

Among others, fashion remains the lucrative segments of retail for augmented reality apps and products. There are many brands implemented this technology to allow their customers to visualize how the outfit of their choice will look on them even without any shipping. Apart from offering a virtual trial room, fashion brands are allowing their customers to feel and smell the fabric to ensure that it fits your body type perfectly. This will, no doubt, increase brand loyalty among the buyers.

The same trend has been seen the jewelry retail industry. Big brands like De Beers, Boutique Accessories, Britain’s Garrard, Tacori and Boucheron have already implemented augmented reality to enhance the purchase experience of their buyers. Augmented reality has proved its potential to provide buyers the ability to try on apparel, jewelry, shoes, accessories and other products from the comfort of their home without any involving any kind of shipping. The developers are further empowering the technology to allow buyers to smell and feel the fabric and other products as if they are real.

For a cynic it might sound a little exaggerated; however, if you would only wait for a few more years you will actually see it happening right before your eyes. AR technology overlays the virtual world on top of real world environment with the help of a mobile device such as smartphones or tablets. A number of specialty firms are also emerging as a result to create a whole new world of opportunities for retailers and marketers using the unique functionalities and platforms of augmented reality.

In addition to the augmented reality apps, AR products like Virtual Mirror and Google Glasses are also helping retail business for enticing customers and engaging them to increase sales. Now, if you think augmented reality is all about stimulating the shopping experience of the customers, think again! It is all about enhancing the customer experience to a level where it comes with enhanced sensations, which results in greater customer engagement.

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