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Retail Brings Mobile Commerce to the Mass Market

Retail Brings Mobile Commerce to the Mass Market

Mobile commerce is to become the next gold rush after ecommerce. The Internet of things that use Radio-frequency identification or RFID like near field communication, barcodes, and QR codes are further facilitating m-commerce. In fact, the concept of Internet of things is rapidly growing as the popularity of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are increasing every day.

At Mobilize Conference 2013 Peter Gerstberger, the senior merchant of new business development at Staples shared his ideas of bringing Internet of things to mass market along with Zonoff CEO Mike Harris. Staples will be soon introducing Staples Connect, partnering with Zonoff. Staples Connect uses a multi-platform app and universal hub for controlling connected devices throughout the users’ home. However, Gerstberger explained that it is essential to see how this platform will work on consumer level before actually developing it.

To do so, Gerstberger asked his networking guys to put him into a room and to make all components of this product to work together using one app and one hub. “It was a big ask, but really I saw that as the true vision for where this needed to go, if it was going to be brought to the mainstream and pulled out from early adoption,” Gerstberger explained.

Staples Connect, powered by Zonoff, uses a single, free app for controlling connected home devices. Describing the thought process for creating the Connect platform, Harris said, “What are the right products for consumers? What are the right brands? We really focused on building a huge ecosystem with the big players, but leaving that opens so a lot of emerging companies can get involved as well.”

At Mobilize, the interactive retail kiosk Staples Connect was displayed for the first time. Staples and Zonoff are sure that this innovative platform will spur further interest of the people in the Internet of things. They are now looking forward to introduce Staples Connect to a much wider audience.

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