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How to Create an Immersive Augmented Reality Campaign for Retail?

How to Create an Immersive Augmented Reality Campaign for Retail?

The use of augmented reality by retailers for creating effective campaigns is increasing at a rapid rate. With these campaigns they hope to interact with the consumers and bring them to their stores. With the right promotion, retail brands will be able to increase their basket size, build foot traffic, generate brand loyalty among consumers and collect their purchasing data. The challenge is to create an immersive augmented reality campaign. Let us have a look at this post to learn how you can create such a campaign.

Quick Tips to Promote your Retail Brand with AR

Here are a few quick tips to promote your retail brand with AR.

  • Strategic Goal

When you are adding AR for promoting your retail brand, there should a clear goal which is measurable. When a mobile augmented reality promotion is being set up, it should start by discussing about the strategy that is driving the creative concept. When a proper goal is there, you will be able to measure whether the promotion is a successful one. You can use AR for redemption of coupons, sign-ups of email newsletters, driving sweepstake entries or purchasing certain products.

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  • Integrating with Real World

With AR, you can smoothly connect the physical and the digital world. Web services that you provide can thus be connected with physical content. AR apps which show additional content can help in expanding the in-store shelf space digitally. Retailers should provide their consumers with the opportunity to place virtual furniture in their homes or try on clothes, shoes, or makeup using AR apps.

If you want to target consumers with local offers, you can opt for geo-location technology in your AR campaigns.

  • Custom AR Experience

If you are able to create a unique and personalized AR experience for your consumers nothing can be better. If your customers are able to interact with a product directly and customize it according to their requirements, you will get a whole lot of benefits. There will be an increase in basket size as well as customer loyalty and your customers will be more intent on completing the purchase.

  • Surprising the Consumers

You need to provide something unique to your consumers if you want to draw their attention. When creating an immersive augmented reality campaign, you can add any surprise element which can delight and surprise them. With this interactive technology, there is a lot of scope of adding surprise elements. This will add a memorable dimension to the AR campaign and ultimately lead to sales.

So, you can follow the above ideas for using augmented reality effectively for marketing and create an immersive AR campaign that will bring in consumers to the stores.

What do you think?

Do you think augmented reality ads can help retailers? Which AR campaign do you like? Share your insights in the comments below.

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