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SeeMore Interactive Offers Exciting Level of Product Interaction

SeeMore Interactive Offers Exciting Level of Product Interaction

The scope for improving mobile shopping experience of the buyers was never better, thanks to the emergence of augmented reality technology. When augmentedrealitytrends.com questioned the Ohio based tech startup – SeeMore Interactive, about the sudden popularity of m-commerce, the company founder and CEO Neal Applefeld said that “the rise and rapid evolution of smartphones puts mobile commerce in the heart of every physical store”. And when asked how augmented reality will help mobile commerce, Applefeld opined, “I believe (augmented reality) will do for retail in-store shopping what the Internet did for in-home shopping.”

The company helps to create a “unique customer experience to increase retail engagement by integrating image recognition, recommendation engine and location-based technologies with augmented reality.”

The following are the excerpt of the discussion with SeeMore:

Augmentedrealitytrends.com: Why augmented reality and why your prime focus is on retail industry?

SeeMore Interactive: We recognize the importance of merging brick-and-mortar retail with cloud-based technology to create the ultimate dynamic shopping experience. It’s simply a matter of tailoring a consumer’s shopping experience based on how he or she wants to shop; the ability to research reviews, compare prices, receive new merchandise recommendations, share photos and make purchases while shopping in-store or from the comfort of their home.

Augmentedrealitytrends.com: How will augmented reality help retailers?

SeeMore Interactive: Retailers can unleash the power of their integrated marketing campaign with interactive content and personalized offers. Catalogs, direct mail pieces, retail displays, window displays, price tags, door clings, etc. become opportunities to engage their customer with image and location-based augmented reality.

Augmentedrealitytrends.com: Shoppers will be benefitted too!

SeeMore Interactive: Yes, of course! Shoppers can dive deeper into their mobile commerce experience with rich, engaging content to aide their decisions in the buying process, allowing the opportunity to up-sell, cross-sell and ultimately increase cart size.

Augmentedrealitytrends.com: How will the AR technology help retailers to build customer engagement?

SeeMore Interactive: With our augmented reality apps retailers can surprise and delight their customer with personalized promotions, bonus rewards or extra savings based on their shopping habits captured with the SeeMore technology. Your customer can also capture print offers and promotions directly to their mobile device, creating a seamless and unique shopping experience.

Augmentedrealitytrends.com: Did you say capturing “shopping habits” of the customers?

SeeMore Interactive: Yes, of course.

Augmentedrealitytrends.com: How is that possible?

SeeMore Interactive: Our augmented reality retail app helps businesses to track and measure their customer’s every move through their use of the application and our location-based technology. Retailers can understand the customer experience by knowing:

  • What they view
  • What they buy
  • How they shop
  • How long they stay
  • What they share
  • How they share it

This valuable data enables the brand to create optimized marketing plans and campaigns that focus on their customers’ shopping habits, wants and needs.

Augmentedrealitytrends.com: What other benefits does SeeMore’s augmented reality retail app offers?

SeeMore Interactive: Our AR technology enable valuable content like in-store videos, wish lists, product recommendations, and more to promote seamless mobile commerce with the ability to track data and capture retail analytics, which further helps retailers in customer engagement.

In addition, SeeMore Interactive has partnered with Trends International LLC to bring augmented reality to the latter’s new line of posters available in major retail outlets. The augmented reality app VirtualShot, developed by SeeMore, enables consumers to use their smartphones and tablets to bring poster images to life. Posters featuring the augmented reality application include The Hobbit, Disney Fairies, Monster High, Angry Birds and The Big Bang Theory.

Applefeld said, “We’ve forged a strong partnership with Trends International that has led to the creation of an exciting new reality for its customers.”

He further added, “We’re well positioned to expand our technology to empower more retailers to interact with consumers on a higher level, ultimately making it much easier for their customers to see, shop and share products. The ability to increase consumer interaction and engagement is beneficial in this era of showrooming, where retailers are searching for powerful ways to capture the consumer’s attention.”

For more info visit  seemoreinteractive.com.

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