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The Evolution of Mobile Commerce Powered by Augmented Reality

The Evolution of Mobile Commerce Powered by Augmented Reality

With the growing demands of augmented reality apps and tools in retail and m-commerce, a number of companies are experimenting with the latest technology for better customer engagement and spend. According to Neal Applefeld, the Founder & CEO of SeeMore Interactive, an Ohio based tech startup, regarding the future of retail and m-commerce after the inception of AR technology.  The company is “focused on helping retailers and organizations engage in powerful ways with consumers by creating a new and exciting level of product interaction.”

SeeMore integrates technologies like image recognition, location-based technologies and recommendation engine with augmented reality to turn everything viewed through a consumer’s mobile device such as smartphone or tablet into a digital, interactive experience.

According to Neal, “From bazaars and catalogs to eBay and e-commerce, the way we shop has been a constantly evolving process. As digital technologies like geolocation and augmented reality become more mainstream, companies of all sizes have an unprecedented opportunity to bring retail to life and strengthen the bottom line”. He added, “To excel in this new era, retailers must find new and novel ways to engage consumers by bridging the gap between their mCommerce, in-store, and web experiences.”

The CEO explains that retailers, including both startups and small businesses can re-engage their customers by embracing this digital technology. They can unlock and leverage the power and potential of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to help their customers make “purchasing decisions, both in and out of store.”

When asked more about SeeMore’s augmented reality technology, Neal said that “Using our technology, a shopper can wave their smartphone over a piece of printed collateral, completely transforming the shopping experience.”

The AR technology of SeeMore Interactive integrates augmented reality with technologies like image recognition, recommendations, and geolocation to allow buyers to “see it, shop it and share it.” Besides, the augmented reality app allows shoppers to unlock special discounts and coupons, add items to their virtual basket, create wish lists, get feedback from friends, and share images in their social networks from mobile devices right from their present location.

For retailers, the AR technology of SeeMore Interactive will provide better access to consumer data and insights, which in turn, leads to more efficient marketing strategies and efforts. This, ultimately, results in better customer engagement, more sales and doing better business.

Neal further says, “Technology has upended the way consumers shop. Now, it’s up to retailers large and small to embrace digital trends and continue to innovate their experience. Take a look at our infographic to see how far the industry has come and where it’s headed as we experience the resurgence of brick-and-mortar stores through pop-up shops and emerging, mobile technology.”

Click here to view the infographic from SeeMore Interactive.

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