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Virtual Reality Changes the way of Real Life Shopping

Virtual Reality Changes the way of Real Life Shopping

Many people still find grocery shopping to be really boring. While it was the same for everybody a few years back, the scene is different now. Those who have experienced virtual reality will find real life shopping a fun filled activity. Many big retailers have already started using virtual reality in different ways to enhance the shopping experience of the users. Some of the big names include Wal-Mart, Victoria’s Secret, Bloomingdale, Tesco, etc. Let us have a look how this technology will be of help to the consumers.

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Good news for consumers

The use of virtual reality in retail marketing is good news for consumers. Using this technology they can take better decisions while purchasing.  There are many companies which are using virtual reality to give their stores a new look. Augmented reality apps can be used by consumers to navigate through the store. This will help them from the fuss of moving around in different floors of the store to find the products. Virtual fitting rooms will help consumers to try on clothes, without going to the trial rooms again and again. It is expected that five years from now, you, as a consumer won’t feel lost in a retail shop.

Some examples of virtual reality used by big brands

Here are some examples which will help you understand the use of virtual reality in real life retail shopping.

  • Bloomingdale has recently tested the virtual dressing room, where customers can try on different clothes which appear when they stand in front of a large screen.
  • Google Glass which is an augmented reality technology has got an app developed by Accenture. This AR app lets customers to check out new cars by exploring the Toyota showrooms.
  • Another app for Google Glass, Glashion made its debut in the TechCrunch Disrupt conference. With this app, users of Google Glass can buy various fashion clothing online immediately, after they find someone else sporting it.

Many more apps are in the process of development. All these will be developed to serve different purpose of the consumers, which will ultimately change their shopping experience.

Invasion of privacy

While the apps will be really helpful for every shopper, it can also be seen as an invasion of privacy. To provide the best user experience, it is necessary to collect personal information of the users. It will offer a view into the personal life of the users by collecting information like their social networks, dress size, diet habit, shopping schedule, etc. On the other hand, currently, many online retail stores and social sites like Facebook are already keeping these data in store. So, if you want your shopping experience to be good using virtual and augmented reality, it won’t be a huge problem to share your personal information with the apps.

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