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3 Amazing Augmented & Virtual Reality Innovations at the MWC

3 Amazing Augmented & Virtual Reality Innovations at the MWC

This year, Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest event for those in the mobile industry, was the biggest and the best till date with more than 93,000 attendees. Many big and small names in the industry introduced their new products at this event which could become really popular in the future. Over the years, the definition of mobile technology has changed and it is no longer limited to the humble telephone. Technologies like virtual and augmented reality have also become a part of this event. Here we will discuss about some amazing innovations which were unveiled at the MWC this year.

  1. Vive- The VR Headset by HTC and Valve

HTC teamed up with Valve Software to launch the virtual reality headset Vive. Powered by the VR platform of Valve, HTC plans to make its presence felt in the virtual reality space. Valve’s Steam gaming service rules the PC gaming market. Consumers and developers will be able to get this product later this year.

The headset is comfortable to wear and is lightweight. There will be a HD display in front of the user’s eyes which refreshes at 90 frames per second. You will get 360 degrees of view and the scene in front of your eyes will move with your movement. The Steam VR base stations can track your movement, thereby allowing you to move in virtual spaces. With the base stations, a boundary is created in the artificial world which understands the limitations of the real world users are in. The headset allows the use of wireless controllers in virtual reality. This is possible due to head tracking. Gaming in virtual reality is expected to become more interesting with Vive.

  1. Fujitsu Augmented Reality Headset

Fujitsu unveiled a prototype of a new augmented reality headset they are currently working on. According to the company, this headset will be helpful in mechanics and manufacturing in the future. Manual laborers could save their time by completing the tasks at a faster pace and performing fewer mistakes.

The headset has a small display, two speakers, a camera and a microphone. With the display, users will be able to see the augmented world and get their work done easily. For example, they could repair a car engine as they get the visual information through augmented reality.

For the headset to work, it needs to be connected with an Android app and a control pad using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Miracast.

  1. Metaio Augmented Reality

Metaio has displayed the Thermal Touch concept for augmented reality interaction at the MWC. The concept is still in its formative years and it depends on thermal imaging cameras to track the residual heat that is left by our body on any surface that it touches. The heat signatures from our fingerprints are used by Metaio as a means to input data.

In one demonstration given by the company, an iPhone was placed in a Flir One heat-sensing case and Metaio used the special demo app. In the demo, the iPhone was pointed at a poster with a number of album covers, on the wall. The demonstrator touched a specific cover on the poster and immediately a track from that album played on the iPhone. The poster was turned into a huge touchscreen with the heat-sensing device.

With every major event, amazing augmented and virtual reality products are demonstrated by big brands. Now, we have to wait till these awesome products are released in the market and we can make our life easier.

What about you?

Have you used any AR headset? Do you think these innovations can make augmented and virtual reality more popular? Share your insights in the comments below.


Image Credits: jobopa.com

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