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Build your Home in just 24 Hours with 3D Concrete Printer

Build your Home in just 24 Hours with 3D Concrete Printer

3D printers are used to perform a multitude of things. Now, another addition has been made to the list. It is being claimed that a groundbreaking new 3D concrete printer has been developed which can apparently help build a 2500 square feet home in just 24 hours. Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis of University of Southern California has created this magnificent device which needs just a day to build a whole house, layer by layer. So, how is this possible? Read on to know more about this new discovery.

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How does this Printer Work?

As per a report of ‘MSN News’, a giant robot has been designed which substitutes construction workers with an outlet on a gantry, which spurts out concrete and can construct a house in no time. This is done on the basis of a computer pattern. According to Khoshnevis, it is essentially scaling up 3D printing to the measure of the building.

A gantry system which is controlled via a computer is used to move the nozzle to and fro. The system comprises of extrusion nozzles and robotic arms. The technology used behind this entire process is known as Contour Crafting.

What is Contour Crafting?

This is a layered construction technology which can automate the building of whole structures and their sub elements as well. This process can be used to automatically build either a single house or a group of houses in a single run. The construction process will not only build the houses but also create the channels for plumbing, electrical or air conditioning. With Contour Crafting, significant parts can be created quickly layer by layer.

Application of this Technology

This technology is applied in construction of different buildings like commercial and low income housings. Even emergency housings can also be built using Contour Crafting. As per the researchers of the project, the application of this technology will also be probably feasible for constructing structures on other planets like Mars or in Moon also. People are targeting these two places for human colonization before the new century ends.

Advantages of Contour Crafting

Use of 3D printing process or a rapid prototype for fabricating large constituents of a building can cause a reduction in energy use and emissions. This is in turn possible due to the Contour Crafting technology.

This technology is mainly advantageous over other prevailing technologies in terms of the wonderful surface finish and the highly improved fabrication speed.

So, using 3D printers now you can build your home in just a day.

Image Source – www.makerbot.com

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