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5 Use Cases of Augmented Reality Technology

5 Use Cases of Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented Reality has come a long way from being used primarily in the gaming industry to its use now in several other areas. Right from healthcare to education to tourism, the number of industries where AR is used is increasing by the day. Businesses are using augmented reality big time to promote their business. With this immersive technology, business leaders can engage their target audience and improve their business. There are many industries which have grown considerably after augmented reality technology came into the scene. Here are five uses cases of augmented reality technology:

The retail and fashion industry has grown immensely since the advent of augmented reality. This technology has solved shopping dilemmas and reduced shopping woes among shoppers. Both offline, as well as online shoppers, have benefitted with this technology as they could pick up the right product without any difficulty. There are many AR apps which shoppers can use to scan products and see how that item would look on them, they can change colors, check different sizes and more.

Augmented reality has made studying interesting for students. Any boring class can be made interactive with this technology. Students can learn more as they no longer have to stick to their textbooks for gaining knowledge. Learning has been made easy and fun with 3D AR modeling. By creating an augmented environment, teachers can provide their students with more interaction and student’s curiosity will be dealt with using AR tools.

The tourism is flourishing, thanks to AR technology. From making hotel reservations to getting a tour of the places you plan to visit, augmented reality is going to make your travel a memorable and hassle free one. There are AR apps which gives you the option to scan pamphlets or other printed materials to get video content. Book restaurants, guest houses and other travel facilities after getting a 360 degree virtual tour. This makes travel a fun and easy process.

Healthcare facilities have improved significantly with AR. From assisting surgeons in performing critical surgeries to easing complex medical concepts, there are a lot of areas where augmented reality technology can be used in healthcare. With 3D visualizations of organs from various angles, surgeons can operate patients precisely and the success rate also becomes higher.

The manufacturing industry requires every step to be error-free and precise. A single mistake is not affordable in the process of product development. When a product in the development process is digitized using augmented reality technology, manufacturers get a clear idea about how the product will look after it is manufactured. With 3D product prototyping, the chances of error are reduced dramatically, thereby saving time and money.

There are other industries like food and beverage industry, retail industry, marketing and many others which can benefit from the use of interactive augmented reality technology.

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