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Augmented Reality Could Develop with 5G Mobile Network

Augmented Reality Could Develop with 5G Mobile Network

GSMA Intelligence, the mobile industry monitoring body, has published a report which shows that the arrival of a 5G mobile phone network could bring about a growth in technology which include augmented reality and connected cars. The report is titled Understanding 5G: Perspectives on Future Technological Advancements in Mobile. The report provides an overview of the innovation of network technology today and how it plays an important part in the development of 5G data network.

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So, what does the report say?

Understanding 5G: Perspectives on Future Technological Advancements in Mobile

In the report, there are two views on 5G. One is around the “hyper-connect vision.” In this view, 5G is seen as a mix of technologies which already exist like Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G and 4G. 5G can provide greater availability and coverage; it has the ability to provide connectivity that allows Internet of Things and machine-to-machine services; it can offer higher network density in terms of mobile devices.

The other view is that 5G is recognized as the next-generation radio access technology. This means that certain targets for latency and data rates are set, like delay which is less than 1 ms and downlink which is faster than 1 Gbps.

The report showed that these two views find out that there are 8 key technical requirements for 5G.

Probable Use Cases for 5G

The director general of GSMA, Anne Bouverot, said that “already being widely discussed, the arrival of 5G will help deliver a fresh wave of mobile innovation that will further transform the lives of individuals, businesses and societies around the world.”

The report explored some probable use cases for 5G. It finds out the areas which could gain from 5G connections. This latest technological development could be used in connected cars to allow autonomous driving, for creating augmented reality or virtual reality which could be used in gaming, health care and wearable technology. 5G connections could also be used for M2M connectivity, wireless cloud-based office and more.

The report by GSMA has estimated that mobile operators will spend $1.7 trillion on worldwide infrastructure in the coming 6 years. This will be done to expand the current 4G network to build the 5G mobile network.

What do you think?

Do you think 5G connectivity will really be that advanced? Can augmented reality develop with this innovation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – wirelessdesignmag.com

Article Source – cambridge-news.co.uk


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