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6D Augmented Reality Holodeck Released by Metaio

6D Augmented Reality Holodeck Released by Metaio

Metaio is making big changes in the augmented reality industry. It seems that they might make the dream technology of Startrek come true. This leading company in AR technology recently unveiled its own 6D Augmented Reality Holodeck. A community of more than 100,000 developers is currently being powered by Metaio. With this Holodeck, developers can create their own AR experiences for their users. So, what will be this 6D AR experience like? Let us have a quick look at it.

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6D-Augmented Reality

According to Peter Meier, the CTO of Metaio, the 6D Augmented Reality Holodeck makes use of SLAM, which is the acronym of the latest technology Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. This technology helps the device in use, for scanning a new environment. Users will be able to get a 360 degree experience of virtual reality using their tablets and smartphones. SLAM along with the motion sensors like the gyroscope, of the mobile devices and the camera, project a virtual world on top of the real world environment in real time. The augmented world will be visible to the users on their mobile devices and they will feel like moving around in that world instead of the room they are actually in.

Computer vision technique and camera of the mobile devices help in building maps of the environment the users are in. The 6D AR Holodeck measures the way the users move, from different positions and angles.

Infinite Probabilities with the Metaio SDK

Metaio has released the source code for this technology for the developers who are interested in creating a similar experience of their own. They can download it from dev.metaio.com. The Metaio SDK provides infinite possibilities to the developers. They will be able to build action games which are completely different from the existing ones. They will also be able to provide users with the opportunity to get new experiences like visiting planets, foreign places, visualizing micro elements found in nature and more.

Developers can enrich the user experience even further when they team it up with advanced technologies like the RGBD sensor and even Oculus Rift. The best thing about the Holodeck is that it works in both iPad and Android tablets.

If you are a developer, you can download the source code and get started. The video below will provide further information about the 6D Augmented Reality Holodeck of Metaio.

What do you say?

Do you think this is another big step in the world of augmented reality? Do you think this will enrich the user experience? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – augmentedblog.wordpress.com

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