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Aero Glass Provides Augmented View for Aircraft Pilots

Aero Glass Provides Augmented View for Aircraft Pilots

Aero Glass, which is the new AirVenture exhibitor, has announced the development of an augmented reality setup. This will let pilots to view navigation, terrain, weather, ADS-B traffic and other airspace restrictions on wearable devices. Epson Moverio Glasses, Google Glass and other head mounted displays can be used for this purpose. The features of the software are now being beta tested and the company is looking out for beta testers. Those who are in the first 200 will be lucky to get a lifetime license for the Aero Glass program. During the show, special discounts will be also offered on the devices.

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What does the Aero Glass offer?

The Aero Glass provides much more than a reproduction of the aviation data that will be available on an eye-level display. Aero Glass is not like a fixed heads-up display which is attached at the front of the aircraft. The setup works irrespective of the direction in which the pilot is looking. It works more like a military head mounted display (HMD) and every kind of information is displayed by it.

What are the features of Aero Glass?

As mentioned earlier it can display any data to the pilot. Pilots can finish checklists while they are inside the cockpit, just by looking through this setup. Pilots can be reminded of instruments or switches which needs to be checked as the display paints a colored circle around them.

A synthetic-vision display can be reproduced using Aero Glass. Pilots can view the outside world from any angle through this display. Pilots won’t just see other aircrafts as target diamonds on a tablet computer screen or panel display. They will be able to see these aircrafts and the traffic display in a more realistic framework.

Airspace presentation is one of the most important features of this setup. Restricted areas where the pilots should not venture are displayed as thick red walls and the pilots can easily see the boundaries as they become familiar to the terrains. Pilots don’t have to look at the instrument panel or tablets to view the terrain display. Everything is visible right in front of their eyes.

The Aero Glass program is partnered by Levil Technology, the portable AHRS manufacturer. The cost of the software and the device will be less than $1000 as per the sign up page of the beta test program.

What do you think?

Do you think this program will be really helpful for the pilots? Do you know about any other AR HUD which has been designed especially for the pilots? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – glass.aero

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