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Alive Studio- A Self-Service Augmented Reality Platform

Alive Studio- A Self-Service Augmented Reality Platform

Times Internet has announced the launch of a self-service augmented reality platform which is an extension of the existing AR app Alive. The launch of the platform is via Mobile Times, which is a mobile initiative of Times Internet, the digital section of Times Group- one of the largest publication houses in India. The newly launched self-service AR platform is known as Alive Studio, whereas the AR app of Times Internet Alive was launched more than a year ago. The platform has been created with the intention of gaining a large user base.

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So what is there in Alive Studio?

Users will be able to create augmented reality campaigns themselves and also monitor them. All they need to do is subscribe to Alive Studio. With this service, Times Mobile is trying to aim brands, media agencies, companies, publishers and also end users. A free trial is also offered by the service, to help users try out the platform. During the trial period, users can create three campaigns which will remain valid till five days. Once the trial period is over, users can choose from various packages, which range from ₨ 15,000 for 1000 scans which will remain valid till 30 days to ₨ 5 lakh for 200,000 scans with 90 days validity.

Features of Alive Studio

  • There are pre-defined templates which subscribers can use. Some of them include WAP AR, Video AR, Poll AR, ClickMe AR and many more.
  • The service provides an online dashboard to the users.
  • The dashboard shows the users summary of all their campaigns which include MIS or reporting tools.
  • These tools can be used to measure the analytics of the campaigns as well check their effectiveness.
  • It is an open platform with which more users can be reached, unlike the Alive augmented reality app.

The Alive Studio platform will benefit many industries like real estate, FMCG brands, entertainment, etc. The Director of Times Mobiles, Ajay Vaishnavi, said that they plan to continue doing customized campaigns for brands through Alive.

The popularity of Alive Studio will depend on the reach of the Alive app as it is the most vital tool for the platform. However, the platform has to work on two points which might turn out to be a hindrance for its success. First, the app works best in Wi-Fi and second, the promotion has to be extraordinary for exciting the users to scan an image and view its AR content. If these two points are worked upon, the technology will be able to get a huge user base.

Image Source – www.iamwire.com

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