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April Fool’s Day- What’s Google Up To!

April Fool’s Day- What’s Google Up To!

It’s April Fool’s Day and like every other year, Google has again thought of something different for us. If you haven’t noticed already, you can play PAC-MAN in Google maps today. Yes you read that right! Not only that, if you love playing Ingress, the augmented reality game by Google’s Niantic Labs, you will also have an additional PAC-MAN game to be content with. Whether you log in from your PC or mobile device, your city streets will change into a gameboard for PAC-MAN. Get ready to fight the weird ghosts and win points. There are other pranks as well from Google. Do check them out.

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PAC-MAN on Google Maps

You need to open Google Maps and search for a place where you could find PAC-MAN. You could also move to a location where you would want to start the game. You can play it anywhere, even on your home street. Click a location, click on the bottom left corner of the screen where the PAC-MAN icon is there. You will either be taken to a game mode or you will be informed that “there aren’t enough streets”.   You can either pan and zoom around so that you can find some suitable place to play the game, or just click “I’m Feeling Lucky” and Google will guide you to the game.

You can also try the game in Ingress, the augmented reality gaming platform, which is available for both Android and iOS.

Google in Reverse

Today, you can type in com.google instead of google.com if you are in the mood for some fun. The result? You will see everything in reverse.

Chrome Selfie

Have you tried opening Chrome on your mobile? If you have, it will let you take a selfie as a reaction to the content you are currently browsing. Open the menu and select “Share a reaction”. Your friends will know how you are feeling. Reduce the trouble of exiting Chrome, opening the camera and taking a picture, just to share your reaction.

Smartbox by Inbox

With Inbox by Gmail, emails became popular and now it’s time for Smartbox by Inbox. This is Google’s effort to bring back physical mail. It has smart filters, folders and even apps. The best thing about Smartbox? You can take it anywhere you want to.

Google Panda

SEO professionals, you need not worry yet. Google Japan has announced the Google Panda. No, it is not any algorithm update. As per Google Translate, the goal is to remove the search box and use a cute looking Panda to get all your answers.  The executive said “From the very beginning, Google has always been about search. From desktop search, to mobile search, and now voice search. What we’re about to do is take a leap to a world where people don’t even need to search at all. A product that is so brilliant that you can ask it anything, but so cute that you will want to hug it.”

Keyless Keyboard

Google Japan Input team has developed a keyless keyboard.  “We have developed a device that makes hands-free input more convenient than ever.”

The party horn or Piro-Piro uses an infrared sensor to find out the length of how far you are blowing. Based on that, the relevant letter is sent to your mobile device through Bluetooth.

Best of them All

However, to beat all of these pranks, here is a piece of news which will definitely shock you. As per Developer Tech, Apple and Microsoft have announced that they will merge later this year. The site states that “Their first project is to move all employees to a new space-based orb in order to offer services “from the space” rather than “from the cloud” like other common firms with less money.”

What’s your thought?

Do you know about any other April Fool’s joke making the rounds? Which idea did you like the best? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – imgion.com

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