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AR Heads up Display from Pioneer

AR Heads up Display from Pioneer

A number of companies are diving into the world of HUDs or heads up displays and many others are following the example. The basic of such devices is to presents data in front of your eyes so that you don’t need to look away from your usual viewpoints. These devices make driving safer by offering additional information right in front of you and you don’t even have to shift your gaze away. The underlying idea behind the heads up displays is to reduce the number of possible on-road accidents as they provide the driver the ability to see the danger earlier.

This year Pioneer demonstrated their augmented reality HUD device called Pioneer ND-HUD10 at CEATEC. You need to mount this HUD device onto your sun visor and the device is adjustable in height. At present, the Pioneer ND-HUD10 augmented reality HUD costs 63,000 yen. The device relies on a LED setup with a resolution count of around 540 x 120 pixels. This augmented reality device does not need any wireless connectivity. The shebang weighs 950 grams; thus, you can be assured about the safety of your sun visor.

The Pioneer ND-HUD10 will allow you to see a 30” or equivalent display and it lies 3 meters in front of your eyes. This device reduces your line-of-sight-focus movement, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable and safe drive. ND-HUD10 offers color projection and features color-coded arrows showing you where to turn as well as giving information like direction and distance to your next turn. This augmented reality device offers a HUD map mode, where you will able to get the relevant information you need to drive to your destination with the help of a simple color-coded map.

However, the graphics of the Pioneer ND-HUD10 augmented reality HUD may feel a little primitive in nature. But the idea of this augmented reality device is to help you to drive safe and ND-HUD10 fulfills the task assigned to it quite well. ? One advantage of Pioneer ND-HUD10 that it offers over the other in-vehicle HUDs is that you can install this augmented reality system in your existing car irrespective of the model and it does not need a special windshield to work. This, in turn, will reduce your overall cost of installing an intuitive HUD in your car.

Image Source – youtube.com

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