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AR Pets Animin to be launched at London Toy Fair

AR Pets Animin to be launched at London Toy Fair

Animin are virtual pets which interact with the real world using augmented reality technology. These AR toys have been developed by Figure Games and will make their debut at the Toy Fair in Olympia, London on 21st January. A group of digital artists, AR tech specialists and games developers at the Figure Games are responsible for this wonderful creation. They believe that Animin will be ‘the must-have toy’ for Christmas this year. Animin will be available for smartphone as well tablet users. With the use of augmented reality, these pets can be set free in the real world.

More about Animin

Teenagers and kids can play Animin. Players have to care for their virtual pet and nurture it. This has to be done by feeding it, giving medicine and cleaning up its excrement. Apart from the primary virtual pet software, the app will have a set of mini-games which will be unlocked as the pet grows. Figure Games, the firm behind this toy, is planning to make some more pets available, which will grow into different animals as they acquire more XP. They are also planning to extend the main Animin AR app to an online role playing game which will feature the Animin avatar. It will have ties with instant messaging, social networking, VR gaming and many other things.

Figure Games aims to creatively disrupt the toy industry at the Toy Fair with this digital pet. It is their strong belief that there is space for this pet which has been created using the latest mobile and AR technology in a fun and innovative way. This will provide a fascinating experience for kids and teenagers alike.

This new digital toy powered by AR technology is definitely going to make big in the market, once it is released next week at the Toy Fair in London.

Image Source – play.google.com

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