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Metaio and Toywheel Teams up to Unveil “AR Toys Competition”

Metaio and Toywheel Teams up to Unveil “AR Toys Competition”

A global “AR Toys Competition” has been launched by Metaio and Toywheel together, where it shows how the world of today‘s kids, have started to change. Metaio, which is one of the global leaders in augmented reality software and solutions, has teamed up with Toywheel, a Digital Toys company in Berlin, to unveil the first worldwide augmented reality development competition for kids’ games and toys. The competition will continue for six weeks, where both AR app developers as well as non-developers can participate. Anybody with interest in this amazing technology can take part in this competition.

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AR Toys Competition

AR Toys Competition will run for 6 weeks and it will focus on the future of entertainment for the kids. It is to be seen how the children will interact with digital media in the coming years and how they will get entertainment from the toys. To participate in the competition, you don’t necessarily have to be a developer or a designer. If you have an interest in augmented reality and depict how it can be used in this space, you can take part in the competition. Children, teenagers as well as parents with intriguing ideas on the use of AR in this area, can participate. Both the companies are open to all types of ideas, right from simple concepts to practical demonstrations, along with comprehensive proposals which describe how the ideas will be implemented in real life.

How to participate?

Those who want to participate need to submit their ideas, proposals and concepts in the official website of the two companies. If they want to submit their applications through Metaio’s website, they need to go to the site and then go to the AR Toys Competition page. In case of Toywheel’s website, they need to go to the AR Toys page. Submission is open to the international community and will be on till 15th June, 2014. There are two categories under which the applicants can participate: AR Toymaker Award, which is for participants above 18 years of age and another is AR Junior Award, which is for kids and teenagers below 18 years of age.

The Reward

A panel of AR experts will be the judge and will award the winners in the two different categories.  The winner of AR Toymaker Award will be the one who can provide the best idea that encourages and stresses on interaction with children in the future. They will receive support and prizes worth 25,000 €. They will also get two free tickets to Metaio’s insideAR conference that will be held in Munich in October.

The winner of the AR Junior Award will receive an iPad mini and two free tickets to the insideAR conference.

Do you have any AR ideas in your mind? If you do, you can also participate in this AR Toys Competition.

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