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Artist Canvas in Augmented Reality

Artist Canvas in Augmented Reality

A vision that actually dissolves and becomes something else is offered by Aidan’s 2.0 Pop Art – the artist that speaks the future-oriented language of an augmented reality. It is not by chance that the first experiments on a common language between art and science were conducted by Rauschenberg together with Billy Kluver (the engineer that collaborated also with Warhol for his famous Silver Clouds installation) in the exciting collective E.A.T. – Experiment in Art and Technologies.Aidan, a Pop artist and child of her time, utilizes the most popular third millennium tool, a smartphone, in her art. In perfect harmony, she uses technology to the visionary language of art. The spectator only needs to look at the work of art to see it animate in real time and physically experience the artist’s dream, until then only divined.The piece becomes the very code, semantically a signifier of a novel language, accomplishing the hybridization between human and artificial intelligence which was the very theme, often misunderstood and little known, of Jeffrey Deitch’s Post Human.

In an interview twenty years ago Jeffrey Deitch stated in Politi and Kontova Flash Art: “Coming to an end of the twenty-first century, we are exposed to a wave of new technologies and the resulting social changes. “Post Human” begins to look at how these new technologies and social attitudes will interact with the art. I see a revival of figurative art that coincides with these changes in the technological and social, and that comes from a very different place from the figurative tradition of Picasso and Matisse. Is developing a new type of figurative painting that is heir to the tradition of conceptual Duchamp and Warhol. (…) There are few people who have had a greater impact than Warhol on culture and society of his time “(…)” The virtual reality technology today has the same characteristics of video technology in the late sixties (… ). I’m sure some artist with a special understanding of the possibilities of this new medium will be able to do extraordinary things. Ultimately, virtual reality will increase the importance of artists rather than trivialize it. The new communication technologies will need to first of creative minds that invent that kind of imagination that they themselves will have to carry on. ”

Aidan was born in Brescia in 1979 where she currently lives and works. Trained in classical engraving techniques, Aidan becomes fond of graphics and multimedia processing, which led her to experiment new languages reaching a high level of treatment of materials. Fascinated with the symbolic and the conceptual, Aidan developed interesting experiments in the time boxes, where engraving techniques and classical figurative imagination merged on ‘cold’ materials such as Plexiglass. The outcome is an ingenious overlapping of time and space and unusual stylistic dislocations. Subsequently, she experimented with lenticular effects. In 2010, Aidan exhibited in Wien at Galerie Am Roten Hof. One year later, the collective show at Rogue Space Chelsea, NY, marked the shift to a more pop and multimedia expression.

Aidan was the first artist to work with augmented reality; she developed, in real time, a third dimension narration, granting movement to her works and taking the spectator into the open, psychedelic language of dreams. Among the institutional locations which hosted her exhibits, worthy of mention are Palazzo Martinengo and the Museo del Piccolo Miglio in Brescia. In 2013, her video Check Point was selected at the Pop Rally Contest: Abstract Currents, to be projected at the MOMA’s Inventing Abstraction, 1910-1925, and Abstract Generation: Now in Print. In the same year, Aidan performed at Be Social in Milan’s Terrazza Aperol.

ArtVerona dedicatedan event to Aidan which triggered the Keep smart and stay social project, where the new art technologies finally achieved a convincing aesthetic target. In 2014, she participated with Eidos gallery at Bologna ArteFiera  (which is indicated by Vogue.it as among the most interesting artists present)and MiArt, two major Italian and international art scenarios. In the same year, Aidan is among the artists of Pop Up Revolution, a project curated by Achille Bonito Oliva and Umberto Scrocca (E.A.C.). Also in 2014 My Paradise, Adrenaline Prize at the Macro-Rome and I HAVE A DREAM, Palazzo Reale – Milan, curated by Melissa Proietti and Raffaella A. Caruso and sponsored by the Robert F. Kennedy Center Europe.

For more information kindly visit http://www.aidangallery.com


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