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AR System for Natural Interaction on Remote Objects

AR System for Natural Interaction on Remote Objects

Delta Cygni Labs, a Finnish startup has developed a projected augmented reality system AstroVAR that allows natural interaction on remote objects. It brings communication beyond chat, voice, and video. AstroVAR is natively multiuser and hands-free as it does not require glasses or head-mounted displays.

“AstroVAR is a human-to-human communication system. It relies on the strength of the human in image recognition and decision making. So we overcome the problems that have been impeding a wide adoption of traditional AR – artificial intelligence for tracking, recognition and decision making”, says Boris Krassi, the CEO and co-founder of Delta Cygni Labs.

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Giving an “AstroVAR call”

AstroVAR enables people to help each other straight on real objects despite the distance that separates them. A grandmother helps her grandson with homework – here, in your copy book, it should be plus, not minus. A nurse helps the grandmother to take the exact pill. A car mechanic helps the nurse  with adjusting her new car, directly on the dashboard. A car retailer helps the mechanic with installing spare parts in a new car model. “Our customers say it is like having an expert in your pocket”, explains Sauli Kiviranta, the co-founder.

Once you need help, launch an app on your phone, find the one who can help you, and give an AstroVAR call. Today, AstroVAR is a dedicated device, wirelessly connected to your phone. In future it may be just embedded into smartphones. The remote party observes the situation on a live video from your side and decides what instruction to provide and where to place it. That’s it! No setup, no markers, no back-end integration – it is ready to use. “It is simple, yet effective”, adds Nicolas Philippon, the deputy CEO and co-founder.

From space to ground

Initially the idea of AstroVAR was targeted to space, where new maintenance approaches are needed to enable exploration of Moon and Mars. Delta Cygni Labs has developed and sold two commercial pilot systems to customers in the space domain. “Along with SpaceX and other new players, we are working with industry to solve problems on earth, yet contributing to space exploration at large”, says Sauli.

Now Delta Cygni Labs is expanding to large and small industry – aircraft, marine, machine building, mining, oil and gas – where AstroVAR delivers an unprecedentedly fast service response time to maximize uptime of equipment. There is an ongoing B2B pre-order program, where the AstroVAR device is available at the price of a professional instrument, to be delivered within 2015.

Nicolas palns that “the next step is to expand to the mass market and to change the way how the world communicates”. This will be achieved through embedding AstroVAR into smartphones and making a new consumer product category.

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