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Augmented Reality Crowdsourcing for a Digitalized World

Augmented Reality Crowdsourcing for a Digitalized World

We will be the lucky generation who are likely to see a world comparable to The Matrix, thanks to the attempt of Dekko. Matt Miesnieks, the owner of the company, has launched an AR project based on crowdsourcing to re-create the world as much as possible together with some of the finest little details of the world, of course in a digital form.

This augmented reality project hopes to be benefited from every possible camera, turning them into a scanner. Miesnieks said, “In effect what we’re doing is taking every camera — in Glass or in smartphones – turning them in 3D scanners, and then taking all of those images to build a 3D model of the world.”

For many, the project seems to be intimidating; however, Dekks team believes it can be turned into a reality in near future. The technology team is highly experienced in augmented reality. In fact, Mike Miesnieks and his wife, Silka (the cofounder of Dekks) have experience in Layar, the augmented reality company that shook the world with the technology in its early days. The couple believes that they have learned a lot during their time at Layar, especially that the conventional form of augmented reality has been a failure. Explaining themselves, Matt Miesnieks said, “If the app works on one page of a magazine but not the next, people might use it once, but they’re going to toss it away.” According to them, the AR technology may not have lived up to its hype, as far as user experience is concerned.

The augmented reality project of Dekko is still on the rough side; however, the couple believes that there will be a rapid improvement. As far as creating an augmented reality platform is concerned, the couple is more inclined to eliminate the total concept of image recognition, instead of trusting the weak capability of a smartphone’s camera to be capable enough to recognize various different kinds of object found throughout the world.

The new augmented reality experience that Dekko wants to provide is a complete digitized world.

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