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Augmented Reality Drone- ‘Space Creator’ to Provide an Interactive Experience

Augmented Reality Drone- ‘Space Creator’ to Provide an Interactive Experience

Space Creator is unlike any other drone which hovers around to take pictures of the surrounding environment. This drone is being claimed as the world’s first augmented reality drone which will turn floors and walls into interactive structures. This will be possible as the drone will project immersive images onto the walls and viewers will be able to see alternative reality on the surfaces. The Space Creator will turn any room of your house into an entertaining one with its interactiveness.

How Does the Space Creator Work?
Instead of a camera, the Space Creator drone has a projector lens integrated in it. This lens projects images on walls, ceilings and floors as it flies around the room and weaves around interactive stories. For instance, you can see a blue whale floating around your house or a Christmas tree placed beside a fireplace. Instead of capturing images, this drone creates them via augmented reality, making it different than other drones.
The drone works in the same principle as augmented reality projecting virtual elements on the wall and creating an environment that appears above reality.
With spatial tracking functionality, as the AR drone moves around, the projected image also changes. With its compact design, Space Creator can move around freely in your house.

Availability of the Drone
The world’s first augmented reality drone is supposed to be available for consumers in a year. This exceptional concept has been designed by Seohee Lee. Over the years, there has been a rise in mobile entertainment and drone technology. Consumers are now looking out for more and more interactive experiences.

So, let’s wait for the world’s first augmented reality drone and experience technology at its best.

Image Source: https://www.yankodesign.com/2018/06/08/this-is-the-worlds-first-augmented-reality-drone/

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