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Augmented Reality for Victoria Secret to Boost Holiday Sales

Augmented Reality for Victoria Secret to Boost Holiday Sales

Victoria’s Secret, the largest U.S. retailer of lingerie, is implementing augmented reality experience to drive up sales during the holiday season.  The company is using AR technology into its popular brand application.

The new augmented reality feature launched by this popular retailer will work with Victoria’s Secret’s new winter style guide catalog. This augmented reality was specifically built into the mobile application of Victoria’s Secret.

The company offers this augmented reality app for both Android and iPhone devices. It comes with an image recognition section, allowing customers to unlock exclusive content by using their smartphones camera. Smartphone users can scan each page of the new winter style guide catalog using the Victoria’s Secret augmented reality app and it will direct customers to the mobile site to help them buy the selected item. It is very simple to use this feature. All you need to do is point your smartphone at the image you are interested in, using the augmented reality app. The app will recognize the image and direct you to the exact page on the mobile site of Victoria’s Secret. Once you reach the proper page, you will find all the related product information, sizing, reviews, price and the check-out option.

The chairman of Snipp Interactive Ritesh Bhavnani said, “It makes total sense for Victoria’s Secret to integrate augmented reality into their own app as opposed to using a third-party branded app. For starters, it allows them to push the technology out into their existing base of app users easily. Additionally as a brand you want to reinforce your brand identity as opposed to a third-party app brand. It provides your users with a more coherent experience. It’s also easier to integrate related promotions and other brand messaging when you control the entire app experience.”

According to Victoria’s Secret, there will be other icons available for customers to unlock content apart from the winter style guide catalog.

This winter style guide catalog from Victoria’s Secret also includes a ‘call-to-action’ feature that provides instructions to customers about how to use the augmented reality app on the other mobile enabled pages. It will also help the company to understand and measure the type of content that customers usually interact with.

Image Source: phygitalien.com

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