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3D Augmented Reality Makeup Mirror unveiled at CES 2014

3D Augmented Reality Makeup Mirror unveiled at CES 2014

The leading technology company for facial visualization and imaging, ModiFace unveiled the 3D Augmented Reality Makeup and Anti-Aging Mirror at the 2014 CES conference. The launch of this Beauty Mirror will definitely be a boon for beauty retailers and brands, as they can now advertise their products to consumers who visit their stores as well as those who buy online. Customers can now easily test their makeup in this 3D mirror and then make their purchase. This mirror is way advanced than the 2D product which is currently available to the users. Let us check out how this 3D mirror can be of help to the consumers.

Better than 2D

In 2D try-on, consumers can virtually try different makeup shades on their face using their mobile apps. But in case of retail stores, consumers may find 2D to be slow as they won’t have the patience to wait till a picture is taken with the makeup and the result is shown. In 3D try-on, the virtual simulation is real time and consumers get to see the result just like in a mirror. They can try on different shades of makeup and see the changes immediately from different angles. Hence the 3D AR mirror will be much better than the current 2D try-on.

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How does the Technology work?

People using the 3D Augmented Reality Makeup and Anti-Aging Mirror can easily test makeup and skincare effects. This is done using photorealistic shade and skin simulation technology which is used to get full photo-realistic 3D replications that are shown on the images of camera. This in turn displays the makeup or skincare effect on the user’s face, without the need of uploading a photo. Each distribution is personalized and accurately regulated to match the product portfolio of the brand. The technology can be used in mobile devices as well as standalone kiosks in retail stores.

Used for Makeup

Consumers can test how a certain shade of makeup will look on them using the new 3D AR Makeup Mirror. The augmented reality technology can replicate the effects of different makeup products like lipsticks, blushes, eye shadows, etc.

Used for Skincare

As the name of the mirror suggests, it will not only be used for makeup but also for skincare. Consumers can see different anti-aging skincare effects on their face like brow lift, dark spot correction, jaw contouring, facelift and enhancement of cheek volume. You can view it in a split screen which will show you the ‘before’ and ‘after’ images, after the skincare effects have been applied.

An Effective Tool to boost Traffic

This mirror had been set up in many retail stores for a trial run and the result was awesome. There was a considerable boost in traffic reaching up to 120 percent in the beauty counters. Even in-store conversions had also dramatically increased. Hence, this 3D AR Mirror can turn out to be a really effective marketing tool for the retailers and at the same time can provide purchasing assistance to consumers.

Image Source – http://mashable.com

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