Monday 21 July 2014
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Discovery Kids to Launch Augmented Reality Toys

Discovery Kids to Launch Augmented Reality Toys
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New augmented reality and outdoor adventure toys will soon be launched by Discovery Kids, thanks to its new partnership with two companies- Cypher Entertainment and Tek Nek Toys. Discovery Communication has recently signed with these two new partners so that it can create role play and AR toys for the kids. The deals were brokered by Big Tent Entertainment on behalf of Discovery Communication. The Discovery Kids brand has Big Tent Entertainment as its North American licensing agent. Let us have a look at the types of toys that these two new partners of Discovery Kids will bring to the market.

Augmented Reality Toys by Cypher Entertainment

A line of augmented reality 3D Jurassic action toys will be created by Cypher Entertainment. The toys will be divided into two product kits, the Interactive Dinosaur Kit and the Dino Excavation Kit. Embedded with AR technology, the dinosaur figures will turn into interactive 3D dinosaurs through any smartphone or mobile devices. The line will also let kids don the role of archaeologists. They will be able to dig up fossilized bones of dinosaurs using digging tools and protective glasses and also reconstruct these dinosaurs. A dinosaur mobile game and a trading card will also be accessible with these toys. By scanning this card, kids will be taken to a digital excavation site, where they can collect dinosaur bones.

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Outdoor Adventure and Role Play Toys by Tek Nek Toys

Discovery’s other partner, Tek Nek Toys will be responsible for creating adventure outdoor and role play toys. These toys will promote exploration of nature and bug observation. The products will contain a ride-on vehicle, light-up viewing scope, bug vacuum, magnifying glass, big pocket vest, wrist/watch compass, creature catcher net, periscope and pop-up critter hamper. Apart from these items, the line will also comprise of an electronic talking puzzle map of the US. Play sets will also be there which will be designed to allow kids to don up roles of soldiers, firefighters, handymen and police officers.

This year itself, kids residing in the United States can lay their hands on both these line of toys from Cypher Entertainment and Tek Nek Toys under the Discovery Kids brand.

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