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Augmented Reality: What to Expect in 2014?

Augmented Reality: What to Expect in 2014?

Till last year, augmented reality apps sounded good in theory, but when it came to reality, there was little implementation of these apps. However, things started changing in 2013 and many companies took help of this technology and used it as a medium for promoting their brands. AR apps are now no longer termed as gimmicky. Ambarish Mitra, cofounder and CEO of Blippar, has summarized 2013 as “the year of AR Renaissance”. Some days back, we had a post describing the changes in augmented reality in 2013. In this changed world, now let’s understand what to expect in 2014 from this area of technology.

2013 Paves the Path for 2014

In 2013, AR technology made its presence felt with the introduction of many applications. This year, Google Glass was one of the most important innovations based on AR. Such advancements have paved the path for the coming year. It can be expected that we will see many more positive developments in augmented reality in 2014.

Expectations in 2014

As said earlier, in 2014, Google Glass will inspire other augmented reality based startups to come up with new ideas which were never explored before. These are some ideas which might be actually developed into solutions by various companies using AR.

  • Vision of machines will become niftier and advanced learning algorithms will be introduced, which will almost imitate the human sight.
  • The algorithms will be connected with an artificial intelligence engine to an advanced backend technology.
  • Those who are visually impaired will be able to recognize objects which are near them. This will be possible with AR technology.
  • The use of the advanced technology will help computers to recall things that people see. It will also help diagnose any irregularities or changes like any eye disease.
  • 4D content may also make its foray in the augmented reality world in 2014.

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These are some of the changes that can be expected to take place in the upcoming year. Brand marketers should start leveraging AR for providing rich content to their consumers.

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