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Aurasma Goes 3D at CES

Aurasma Goes 3D at CES

Aurasma, a provider of augmented reality platform for iOS and Android devices has made its debut for 3D in this year’s CES. Aurasma is an app with which you can view a 3D pop-up when you point your device’s camera at any tagged content. You can either enlarge that pop-up and watch it as a video by double tapping it, or you can view it over the object as-is. So, how is the new addition different? To know more about the new 3D addition, have a look at this article.

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New 3D engine

With Aurasma’s new 3D engine, you can now view the augmented reality components that pop up on your smart device’s screen from different angles. With this new launch, the AR components will be adjusted in accordance with your movement around the target. This means that the augmentations will get a more realistic feel and will be more visually appealing. For example, a children’s AR enabled book may come to life with 3D dinosaurs which will not only move around but also make noises. The 3D overlay is a superb technology, even though it still has some imperfections like rough edges and medium image quality.

However, the user generated features of content is what Aurasma is relying on to make this 3D engine flourish more virally and compete with similar functioning apps like that of Blippar.

More about Aurasma

The app is free and available for users of high-end Android devices, iPhone 4 and iPad 2 and also as a kernel for developers. Pattern and image recognition is used to understand images and then the app blends these images with interactive content. Users can map the content to an image in a building or any other location and build and share their own creation. High-end smartphones are needed to use this app because the technology which is based on IDOL pattern recognizer, needs the horsepower to identify a database which consists of half a million objects and then put-in a video having 3D precision.

So far, this AR app has seen millions of downloads and have generated many partners from different sectors like automotive, retail and sport.

So, we can definitely hope that the new 3D engine will be equally popular and will find many takers.

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