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Metaio Creates Interactive Catalog for Bed Bath & Beyond

Metaio Creates Interactive Catalog for Bed Bath & Beyond

Metaio, a leading augmented reality software and solutions provider, has launched an interactive catalog which is different than what it has launched in the past. This is a universal scanner which has also been deemed to be the largest catalog till date for Bed Bath & Beyond, the wedding registry destination. The scanner has been introduced for the US edition of the mobile app of Bed Bath & Beyond which features augmented reality. How can this scanner be used? Let us have a look at this post to know more.

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“Universal Scanner”

With this “universal scanner,” Bed Bath & Beyond will be able to turn their annual registry catalog even more interesting. The catalog is known as the Howbook. Now with augmented reality integrated in it, new product hotspots will be added in the pages. The technology on which the scanner is based upon is Metaio Continuous Visual Search. The technology makes it possible to scan QR codes, UPCs and product hotspots.  The registry catalog will have 92 pages and more than 1,000 hotspots, which makes it the maximum ever created for a lone catalog.

Setting a Standard for E-Commerce Applications

The Bed Bath & Beyond app sets a new benchmark for e-commerce applications. Almost every product in the catalog has a hotspot. Apart from that, other engaging functionalities have also been incorporated in this catalog. 360 degree product images and extended color and style options have been added. This registry print catalog is merged with their digital marketplace using the app.

By using the powerful aspects of both digital and physical, a differentiated customer experience is delivered by the universal scanner which makes it simple to manage registry process and innovate further in the future.

Metaio stated that “We’ve discussed the advantage of having a smart scanning application during our retail month. What’s interesting to see is that, as Augmented Reality continues to grow (with revenues forecasts of up to $120 billion by 2020), more and more companies will begin exploring Augmented Reality solutions. With smart scanners becoming increasingly popular among brands (such as Target, Amazon, and now Bed Bath & Beyond ), we’re beginning to see a trend of companies dipping their toes with product recognition. Hopefully we’ll see more and more companies adopt this trend.”

Shopping is going to change with this catalog. The universal scanner will come as an update in March for the Bed Bath & Beyond app. You can download the app from Google Play and Apple App Store.

What about you?

Are you going to download the app? Have you used any other AR app earlier? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – louisianarecord.com


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