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$45 Million in Funding, Blippar Takes the Next Step

$45 Million in Funding, Blippar Takes the Next Step

Blippar, the popular augmented reality platform for advertisements, is making some changes to improve the user experience significantly. The platform uses real-world markers to provide additional augmented reality content to the users in offline situations. The company has raised $45 million in a new funding from undisclosed investors. In 2014, this UK based company made a huge growth when it made its first acquisition. In June, the company purchased Layar, another AR startup. Both the companies combined together have more than 50 million users across the globe.

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Now, Blippar is ready to take the next big step to grow its business even more by bringing some significant changes.

What Blippar Provides Now?

At present, Blippar acts mostly as a publishing or advertising tool that lets a brand insert a real-world marker i.e. a ‘Blip’ on their offline products. Users will be able to access an augmented layer of information using their smartphone’s camera. Though the app is fast and provides immersion to the users, it can only hold as much interest people have in chatting with brands.

So, Blippar is planning to take its app to the next level and the CEO of Blippar, Ambarish Mitra sees more expansive applications of the technology, search being one of them.

Mitra said “Words actually don’t help us out all that much. When you see a red dress on the street in New York, there’s no way to accurately describe that dress in a search on the internet. You would use a different description than I would, or someone else would, based on our differing perceptions.”

What will the New Version Have?

The new version of Blippar won’t need any real-world markers but users will still be able to see additional AR information of any object. All they need to do is point their phone’s camera at any object and see extra data around it instantly. Users will be able to see a conversation around that item on Instagram, Twitter or any videos on YouTube. They might also be able to see a purchasing page of a particular product.

The latest technology will be launched by Blippar at the SXSW next week. After its release, it can be used in different verticals like music, movies, books and US-based sports teams. The company will gradually move to new verticals on a weekly basis.

Until now, with the physical markers, the growth of Blippar was restricted to having deals with different brands. But now, without the real-world tags, every object becomes ‘blippable’ and the company won’t have to rely on certain products for its growth. It will now be able to sell advertising space on almost anything, thereby increasing the scope of growth.

Do you think this change in Blippar will help it grow even further? Have you used the Blippar app? Share your views in the comments below.

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