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CastAR Raises $15 Million Funds from Andy Rubin’s Playground Global

CastAR Raises $15 Million Funds from Andy Rubin’s Playground Global

Augmented reality gaming startup CastAR has raised $15 million funds from Android creator Andy Rubin’s Playground Global. The company was launched earlier this year and is backed by Google, FoxConn, Tencent and others. CastAR will compete with the likes of Magic Leap, Google for its augmented reality glasses. It will also likely compete with virtual reality companies like Oculus VR. However, with Rubin’s investment and his tech world connections, CastAR has found a very important ally.

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Henkel-Wallace, CEO of CastAR said “One thing you look for investors is what kind of network they have. It’s really a different kind of firm. They’re very focused on hardware businesses, and they have a model where they’re kind of an incubator. We just closed this deal and we’re already finding them useful.”

CastAR Augmented Reality Glasses & Funding

The augmented reality glasses of CastAR can project 3D holographic images in front of your eyes. This will give you the feeling that you are seeing a virtual layer over real world or you are immersed in the virtual world. You can use it with normal glasses and a “retro-reflective” sheet is used. Smaller sheets can be used for tabletop planning.

This new funding can move businesses ahead and carry on with product development efforts. The focus of the company is also on attracting business, engineering and design talent as it works for a commercial launch of its AR glasses in 2016.

Henkel-Wallace said “Among all the confusion about what separates AR from VR, what’s lost is fun. People want a simple, accessible, fun solution that they can just pick up and play with their friends, without dealing with a bulky, uncomfortable headset, much less being tethered to a big computer. Our goal is to see CastAR on store shelves across North America, aligned with some recognizable brands in tabletop and interactive gaming. Playground’s support will help us get there.”

The pricing is not available yet, but Henkel-Wallace said that it will be such that consumers can buy it.

About CastAR

CastAR was established as Technical Illusions in Seattle. Valve technologists Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson had started it as a research project to develop AR glasses or glasses which could superimpose animations and other images over real world. Valve was not keen on the project so Ellsworth and Johnson drifted away as Technical Illusions. In November 2013, they raised $1 million funding through Kickstarter. Now, they have shifted to Silicon Valley and renamed Technical Illusions as CastAR.

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Image Source – modemworld.me

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