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Create Augmented Reality Content with Catchoom CraftAR

Create Augmented Reality Content with Catchoom CraftAR

Cloud based image recognition and augmented reality company, Catchoom has launched a new tool which can help businesses to create AR content without any difficulty. The software, known as CraftAR can help users to quickly create fascinating marketing solutions for the consumers by combining image recognition and AR content creation facilities. The increasing use of digital content like videos and images by the consumers, has led to the popularity of augmented reality. Now this technology is used by brands to create interesting virtual experiences for the real world. This will help brands to attract the consumers towards their products and services.

How does CraftAR work?

The working procedure of CraftAR can be summarized in three points:

Create your own experience

As a brand, you need to create your own experience. You can do that in just a few clicks. You can link objects of real world with images, video or any other type of digital content which you would like to show to the consumers with your app.

Image recognition

Your customers can scan numerous objects and match them with the collection of images that you have uploaded in your app. This is possible with the image recognition technology of the software.

Show your AR experience

You can show your AR content superimposed over the physical world content to the users just by pointing the camera of your mobile devices.

How can Brands use CraftAR?

There are two ways in which brands can use this software. These are:

Image Recognition Only

You can use CraftAR just for image recognition only. If you don’t want to show AR content, you can let your users view content directly on full screen. Websites, coupons or other content can be viewed by this process.

Full Fledged Augmented Reality

When you use all the features of this software, you can show your customers AR pop-up content by overlaying it on the content of the real world. The types of content that will be available to the users include interactive videos, animations or 3D images.

Features of CraftAR

The unique features of this software help brands and businesses to create exclusive AR content for their consumers. Some of the features include:

  • Manage digital content

After scanning numerous objects, the object is recognized with image recognition technology. With this tool, you can manage every type of digital content like 3D models, videos, etc. all in one place.

  • Drag and drop function

With this feature, brands can link digital assets to the physical world objects.

  • Mobile Software Development Kit

With mobile tracking SDK and API, businesses can embed AR experiences into the apps which they have created.

  • Analytics

You can track the performances of your campaigns and how your customers are interacting with the content using the analytics feature.

The AR experience content management system and image recognition service of CraftAR will be available via SaaS.

Image Source – catchoom.com

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