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CES 2015 Highlights of Day 2

CES 2015 Highlights of Day 2

Day 2 of CES 2015 also witnessed some interesting innovations from diverse sectors. Like our earlier post which highlighted on the main innovations that took place on the first day, in this post we will be giving you a quick view of some of the noteworthy products that were unveiled by different companies on the second day.

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Smart Home

Smart home technology has become one of the focal points at the CES. The smart lock from August was earlier limited to short range controls as it depended on Bluetooth. Now, with the August Connect, this smart lock will come onto your Wi-Fi network and you will be able to lock and unlock it from any location. You just have to get online to do so.

Smart Plug is another innovation that was showcased by iHome, the speaker maker. This smart device lets users control any device with Siri. The Smart Plug connects directly to Wi-Fi with apps for Android and iOS. Users will be able to get their hands on this device by the second half of the year. It will be available at $40 and a $50 version will also be there with a USB plug.

Blackberry and Keen also came up with their own innovate smart home products.


CES doesn’t see a lot of mobile demos as most of the phone makers wait for the Mobile World Congress to make announcements of new phones that will be released in the market. Still there were a few displays at this year’s CES.

A concept phone called the LG Display which looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge but its left and right edges are curved was unveiled at the CES.

BlackBerry announced a slightly modified version of its Passport smartphone for AT&T. The difference is the rounded edge of the phone. The BlackBerry Classic’s price will also come down to $50.

Car Tech

Car tech innovations continued on Day 2 also. BMW showed off a concept which could make the lights of a car much smarter, using lasers. The M4 Concept Iconic Lights of BMW are headlights which dynamically changes patterns, as per the change in the situation. A dark area in the headlight can be created so that oncoming traffic is not blinded. A spotlight can also be thrown on animals, pedestrians or other obstacles so that the drivers are alerted.

These are a few of the highlights of day 2 of this huge event. Many other interesting products were also showcased on the second day.

What about you?

Which products unveiled till now, did you like the most? Are you planning to get any for yourself when they are released in the market? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Image Source – cnet.com

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