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CES 2015 Highlights of Day 1

CES 2015 Highlights of Day 1

The 2015 International CES has finally begun with a record number exhibitors (approximately 3600) participating in the event. Apart from the new announcements made on Press Day, a number of new products were unveiled by big companies at the first day of the event. If you want to know what the innovations were, you can check out this post where we have covered some big news from Day 1 of CES 2015.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

A team of experts including global heads at castAR and Oculus VR took part in the Next Big Thing Suppression held by CNET. The experts examined the changing nature of augmented and virtual reality and how these innovations will affect out tech future. The result seems to point out that we can expect AR and VR to push quickly into the mainstream, even though they are nascent technologies.

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Oculus previewed its new Oculus Crescent Bay prototype at the CES. This model makes the environment more immersive with the use of “spatialised audio” which will give you the ability to move around the virtual space and will create full 3D sound.

Razer, a PC game hardware manufacturer is planning to bring the open-source OSVR Hacker Dev Kit to the masses. It is a $200 kit which can be used with Oculus developer kits and also as experimental VR software from Android and Linux.

Car Tech

On the first day of CES, Ford discussed the ways in which cars could help collect data to find parking spots, adapt to road conditions and customize insurance for drivers in the future. They are now focused on bringing self-driving cars to the masses. Auto manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi also showcased their new tech-assisted cars.

BMW displayed new gesture controls and touchscreen for its iDrive interface. Mercedes Benz showcased its autonomous driving car. Parrot promised Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with its new RNB 6.

Driverless Cars

Mercedes Benz displayed the F015 Luxury in Motion self-driving car. The rotating chairs for passengers, spacious interiors and touchscreen displays at the doors are the highlights of the car.

Audi also showcased its autonomous car after driving it to CES from San Francisco. They also demonstrated the Q7 which has an Audi Tablet and Android Auto to control interior features.

New Home Gadgets

Smart home security system by MyFox, a European security company was one of the highlights of Day 1 of CES 2015. It has been designed to keep your home safe from any crime. The first HomeKit products have also been displayed on the first day.

3D printers like LulzBot Mini 3D Printer and other printers which will let you print your own drone or chocolates were on show.

Dell and Intel also showcased their products on the first day of the International CES. We will bring you more information on the second day of this event.

What about you?

Which tech product do you think will prove to be the best in the future? Do you know about any other products which were displayed on the first day? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – ikinkoo.com

Article Source – cnet.com


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