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Experience Immersive Shopping with Cimagine & Shop Direct

Experience Immersive Shopping with Cimagine & Shop Direct

Cimagine Media, an augmented reality startup based in Israel, has announced an alliance with Shop Direct, a company which is behind many online retail brands like Littlewoods.com and Very.co.uk. The deal between these two companies will let visitors who come to those sites, see how different products will look like when placed in their home. This is possible using augmented reality technology of Cimagine. What makes it even better is that the technology can be viewed without any markers, unlike most of the AR content.

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Try Before You Buy

With Cimagine’s technology, you can save lots of money. Instead of buying products and then finding out that they don’t look good in your home, it is better to get an idea beforehand, about how the products will look when placed in your home. This stops you from wasting money on unnecessary items.

The AR technology of Cimagine scans your room with the mobile device’s camera and places a 3D model of the product you like, into the environment of your home.  You can then change the position of the virtual product as you like and even move around to see the item from different angles.

Experience it Yourself

You can have the augmented experience yourself by downloading the Littlewoods Home iOS app. Visit the Littlewoods site in Google Chrome or Safari and click on the “View at home” button which you will see under the items. Once you like an item, you can open the app and click on the given button. You will then be able to see that item virtually placed in your real world home. For users who are residing outside Ireland and the UK, they can try out the app by Cimagine itself.

While you might want to buy a furniture item for real and place it in your home, the augmented reality technology will definitely prove to be helpful as you will get the option to preview the item and check if it fits your current decor.

Who knows, you might even be tempted to get rid of that decade old furniture and replace it with a brand new shining one.

What about you?

Will you try out this AR app? Have you ever used augmented reality before to make your shopping decisions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – nocamels.com

Article Source – thenextweb.com

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