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Class Lectures become Easier for Professors with AR Glasses

Class Lectures become Easier for Professors with AR Glasses

Giving class lectures will now become easier for professors, thanks to augmented reality. Researchers of UC3M’s Grupo de Sistemas Interactivos (Interactive Systems Group) have proposed this system which is known as the Augmented Lecture Feedback System – ALFs. The system is designed to develop interaction between professors and students in large lecture classes. A pair of augmented reality glasses will be needed by the professor to see symbols above each student. The symbols show whether the students have understood the lectures or not. This makes it easier for the professors and they can give the lectures accordingly.

Assistance to the Professors

Professors will be benefited the most with this system. They can now have instant information about what the students understand from their presentations.  The researchers hope that this innovation will make lecture classes more useful. This is because, with constant student feedback, they can adjust the class on the basis of the students’ understanding and actual knowledge. They can either give more examples so that students understand more clearly, vary the pace of the lecture, or skip parts of lessons which the students show that they remember or already know. Apart from this, the wearable device shows comments or notes to the professors before the lecture starts.  This will remind them when to use these comments or notes during the class lecture. They can also view the aggregate of the answers provided by the students in a diagram at the upper right hand corner of the glass.

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Assistance to the Students

The proposed system will help the students as well. The students can interact with the professor both privately and at the same instant, without disturbing the class. Those who are timid or feel afraid of speaking in front of other students in the class, they will be benefitted the most. They can now easily interact and ask any questions to the professor, related to the lecture through this system.

How does the system work?

Students can select the symbols by connecting their cell phones to the server where the system is set up. The professor just requires a pair of AR glasses to get connected. The prototype developed, is controlled by gestures which is captured by Microsoft Kinect. Professors can select any supporting slide for any explanation or activate questions which are preset using these motions. The students can answer these questions indicating different symbols which they can select from their cell phones. For smaller group of students, their photographs are preloaded in the database and the system identifies the student using facial recognition. For larger groups, identification is done with a positioning system which is based on markers.

The AR glasses which are currently in the market are too heavy and costly to use. It can be hoped that in the near future, more ergonomic AR glasses will develop and they can be used by the professors in their lecture classes.

Image Source – http://mashable.com

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