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Augmented Reality to Improve Care for Dementia Patients

Augmented Reality to Improve Care for Dementia Patients

Many of the aged people all across the globe suffer from dementia and Alzheimer. While a proper cure is yet to be found for these diseases, efforts are going on to improve the overall care that these patients receive. An Australian charity, Alzheimer’s Australia Vic has tried to do the same with its Perc Walkely Dementia Learning Centre in Melbourne. The Center has made use of augmented reality technology to create a virtual world where healthcare workers as well as the course participants will be taken into the world of dementia.

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Improving the Care for Dementia Patients

The Forest Project, as the project is known, creates an immersive experience of virtual world for the patients as well as the healthcare professionals by using the amazing technology. For this purpose, Unreal Engine 4 is used, which consists of Microsoft Kinect 2 and a Smart TV. The virtual world thus created, will enable the healthcare workers to experience the environment through the eyes of a person suffering from dementia. This will show them which surroundings are adverse or friendly to such patients. The professionals can change their thinking in relation to the care that they have to give to such patients. When healthcare workers can understand how the patients suffering from dementia see the world around them, they are bound to be able to provide care in a better way, thereby improving their quality of life.

Making the Lives of Patients Joyful

With augmented reality, not only the care will be improved for the dementia patients, but they will also be able to lead a more joyful life. The quality of care they receive will improve significantly. The interactive virtual environment will provide them with a break from the fight against their disease. The technology creates a multi-sensory stimulation with sound, light, visual content and color to create a virtual world. They can explore a virtual forest which will give them an engaging experience.

Hence, a better care and a joyful life is what can be expected to provide to the patients suffering from dementia, through the use of augmented reality technology.

Image Source – www.australianageingagenda.com.au 

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