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Magic Leap Unveils AR Platform for Developers

Magic Leap Unveils AR Platform for Developers

Magic Leap has announced at MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital conference that it will launch a development platform for those who are interested to create augmented reality experiences. The company wants filmmakers, gamers and other creators to build such experiences using its platform. A Developers section has been opened in its website, where interested developers can sign up to get access to the company’s SDK. The SDK will work with Unity and Unreal game engines and is expected to release soon.

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The Announcement

Until last month, Magic Leap had stayed quiet about its AR platform. Last month, users got the first look at what its technology could do. It released a video which showed how augmented reality could be used to play a first-person shooter game inside an office.

Now, a more detailed description has been provided by the company on how it will bring augmented reality in our lives.

At the conference, Graeme Devine, the Chief Creative Officer along with Rony Abovitz, the CEO of Magic Leap and Neal Stephenson, Chief Futurist/superstar sci-fi novelist shared the plans for their AR platform. Devine said “We are going to start training developers on this” and urged the developers to sign up for access to their SDK.

Magic Leap posted in its website about the development:

“Using our Dynamic Digitized Lightfield Signal™, imagine being able to generate images indistinguishable from real objects and then being able to place those images seamlessly into the real world…Imagine you being one of the first to help transform the world forever. For the time being, we’re being a little tight-lipped in what we’re communicating publicly, but under the appropriate non-disclosures, we’d love to talk possibilities.”

Another Piece of Big News

Another piece of big news was announced in the conference. The company announced that it has spent a portion of its $592 million that it got in funding, to develop a pilot manufacturing facility in Florida with an area of 300,000 square foot. The facility has been built to develop its “photonic lightfield chip”. The chip helps in running its augmented reality headset by shooting light directly onto your eyes, instead of projecting it on a screen in front of us.

Abovitz said “We’re out of the R&D phase and into the transition to real product introduction.” Explaining the building of a different facility, he said “there is no off the shelf stuff that does what we’re describing.”

So, now AR apps can be created by developers using Magic Leap’s SDK. This can turn out to be a huge success for the company, as people are now looking for new platforms after the acquisition of Metaio by Apple.

What do you think?

Do you think Magic Leap’s platform will be a success? Should more companies now come out with SDKs for AR apps? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – migom.by

Article Source – engadget.com

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