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Dublin Art Council Launches Augmented Reality Tour for Visitors

Dublin Art Council Launches Augmented Reality Tour for Visitors

If you are a connoisseur of art and visit art exhibits regularly, you will find this a completely new and interesting experience. With the new augmented reality tour by The Dublin Art Council, art appreciation, sightseeing and treasure-hunting, all will be mixed into one event. To experience this tour, you will need a smartphone and an app. According to David Guion, Executive Director of The Dublin Art Council, the aim is to get people moving and exploring their community. He also added that since the tour is multi-faceted, not only art lovers, but other hobbyists will also enjoy it.

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Wherigo Takes you Through the Tour

GPS technology is used to guide the players to 23 art exhibits across Dublin. They will get audio prompts through which they can learn about the artists. As mentioned earlier, it is helpful for different hobbyists.  While some might like the art aspect, others might prefer exploring the outdoors or enjoy hunting out the hidden prizes.

After players complete the adventure, they will find a journal to write down their experience and a container with arts-themed prizes.

Wherigo, an app by Groundspeak is responsible for providing the players with the tour. Groundspeak is owned by geocaching.com. The Dublin Art Council has been working with geocaching since 2007.

In order to participate in the augmented reality tour, the players have to register at the website of geocaching and download the Wherigo app in their smartphones. By inserting the zip code of Dublin into the app, players can get started easily.

Augmented Reality Tour

To go for the AR tour, the players will be directed to the game cartridge. Dublin residents can play the game whenever the like. However, it is not only restricted to residents of Dublin, others can also participate in it.

The adventure includes 23 artworks and consists of 20 stages before players can find the treasure. It is the only AR tour in Ohio for Wherigo that highlights public art. The players have to follow the co-ordinates and clues to find out the pieces of art stage by stage. Once they reach the sculpture, they can hear about the artwork, which include the inspiration of the artist and how he/she created the installation.

This AR tour helps in exploring the environment like never before.

What about you?

Are you going to take this AR tour? Do you think it is an interesting way to explore the environment? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – panoramio.com

Article Source – thisweeknews.com


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