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Endgame- Google’s Augmented Reality Game Launches Globally

Endgame- Google’s Augmented Reality Game Launches Globally

Interactive novels and augmented reality games can now be combined, thanks to Google and author James Frey. In January, Google had partnered with James Frey to develop a project that would combine these two things together. Google had made this effort to expand the Ingress AR platform beyond Niantic Labs. By sharing the tools with third-party developers who create their own titles, Google has already taken a step forward in this direction. Now with the launch of Endgame: The Calling, the first in the series of three novels written by James Frey, the augmented reality game has also kicked off officially across the globe.

Endgame: The Calling

Endgame: The Calling is the first book of the three series novel. The story is about 12 teenagers all around the world who take part in a high-stakes competition with near-certain death looming and danger of the apocalypse. Movies, shorter novellas, and other materials will also be included along with alternate-reality games by Niantic Labs.

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The Idea behind This Project

The idea behind this project is to create a new world around these novels. So, real life puzzles, treasure hunts, clues etc. are being designed by Niantic Labs so that they can complement each segment of the story. Apart from these, web videos will also be included in this project. For example, with Endgame, the story starts with a website called Ancient Societies which takes the reader along the story and provides them with information on the lead characters of the story. This is a refreshing way to make the readers more interested in reading a story.

The main aim is to create a connection between the book and the game, providing readers with a completely new augmented world, outside their physical world. Connecting the book, games and movies is really necessary. This will be possible with Endgame.

Interactive storytelling will reach a new level with this. It is to be seen whether in the future more publishers, authors and developers choose to come up with similar projects in the future. To see the success of the Endgame AR game, we have to wait till other parts of the series are released.

What about you?

Are you going to try out this AR game? Do you think this will increase the interest of the readers towards the novels? Share your views in the comments below.

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