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Explore the Virtual World with Augmented Reality Goggles

Explore the Virtual World with Augmented Reality Goggles

Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson, the two ex-employees of Valve who left the company earlier this year, open up the virtual world for the wearers of their augmented reality goggles. Instead of abandoning their work, the duo continued their experiment with virtual and augmented reality technology. When the game developer, Valve, decided to bank on the concept of virtual reality for its products, the company granted legal permission to Ellsworth and Johnson to carry on with their augmented reality project as they were still excited about its potentials. They named the AR technology castAR. The prototype debut was made this year at Maker Faire in Rome.

This augmented reality goggle was inspired by the Episode IV of Star Wars. This augmented reality system has been integrated in a pair of glasses and it projects 3D holograms as the wearer points it at a specially designed LED-studded surface. It allows the users to interact with the holograms as well as to move around them. In fact, this smart wearable device allows for various potential augmented reality applications. For example, CastAR can spawn games allowing players to physically interact with their virtual environment. Similarly, this augmented reality device can be used in educational settings like medical schools. It can prove as a tool to provide cost-efficient solutions for medical students to dissect human body.

A Kickstarter campaign has also been launched by Ellsworth and Johnson early this week to showcase the more polished version of their augmented reality goggles, castAR and of course to secure funding for the production of the device. Its targeted goal is $400,000 and the campaign is just few thousand dollars short of its goal.

Image Source – techspot.com

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