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Ford Partners with Mishor 3D for Augmented Reality Navigation

Ford Partners with Mishor 3D for Augmented Reality Navigation

Ford is working with Mishor 3D, the Israeli company, to install augmented reality navigation to its car models that will come in the future. Mishor 3D works on the development of a technology which overlays road safety alerts, places of interest and navigation routes onto the windscreens of the cars. The projection is done in such a way that it seems that the graphics are on the road itself. This is possible with the use of head-up-display (HUD) systems. The HUDs project digital images onto the windscreen of the car or on the glass that is mounted on it.

Augmented Reality Navigation System of Mishor 3D

Mishor 3D’s augmented reality navigation system uses accelerometer sensors as well as the geo-location data to find out where the graphics can be placed on the windshield of the cars. The graphics include arrows, lines as well as other symbols.

Apart from guiding the drivers of the car with helpful navigation routes, the system can also provide them with different points of interest which might be of assistance to them. ATMs, gas stations, restaurants or hotels which are nearby the area, through which they are driving, are projected with help of symbols over the buildings.

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According to the co-founder and CEO of Mishor 3D, Kobi Ben-Zvi, AR navigation systems are much safer than smartphones and GPS consoles that are attached on the windshields of the cars. With the AR systems, drivers don’t have to take their eyes off the road and risk any accident. He also added that people no longer have to guess the exact location of the building they are looking for. They can just see it from the signs that are superimposed on the relevant building.

Ford’s Collaboration with Israeli Companies

Ford is considering launching AR navigation system with both mid-range and high-end models of its cars. The mid-range models are expected to feature the HUD systems around 2016. The sum that Ford is paying to Mishor 3D for including this technology is not yet disclosed.

High-end models of cars which have HUD systems pre-installed in it include BMW, Peugeot, Mazda Motor and Audi.

The Israeli technology scout for Ford, Zeev Aleyraz said that at present, apart from Mishor 3D, Ford is collaborating with 15 other tech companies from Israel. According to Aleyraz, Ford has plans to set up a research and development company in Israel which will be near one of the academic institutions of the country. However, a date hasn’t been set yet.

The collaboration of Ford Motors with Mishor 3D shows that the tech companies in Israel are being contacted for new automotive technology even more than before.

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Image Source – slashgear.com


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