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Fujitsu Exhibits Wearable Glove at the Mobile World Congress

Fujitsu Exhibits Wearable Glove at the Mobile World Congress

It is time for new innovations at the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which will end on 27th February, 2014. Fujitsu has exhibited a ‘wearable’ glove this year in the Mobile World Congress which is slated for a 2015 release. The glove is a combination of near field communication (NFC), augmented reality and wearable technology. The company hopes that the wearable device will be helpful for people who are into jobs which require them to wear gloves to fix difficult technological issues.

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The Smart Glove

A pair of glasses with an in-built screen and camera is used by this technology. While providing demonstration of the device, the software was powered by connecting it to a smartphone. The guidance comes from the server which displays the required steps over the hardware.

Workers who wear this smart glove just need to point at the damaged machinery and they will see the faults on the screen of the glasses. Apart from the information of the faults, the workers also get assistance from the instructions which are displayed in the form of arrows. There is no requirement of holding up a tablet or smartphone in front of the damaged equipment.

That’s not all

Apart from providing the necessary instructions, the wearable can also be used for further help. The workers can create a report of the work that they have done using this gadget. All they need is to write the words with their index finger and the report is created and the workers can send it to the respective department. This is possible as it can detect finger movements in the air.

Right now, Only for Industries

The technology used by the smart glove is definitely cool and fun. But currently, it will only be available for industries and other environments where manual working is done. Such environments which would benefit with hands free device rather than any manuals, will find this device extremely beneficial.

Right now Fujitsu is working only on developing industry kits. It is yet to become a consumer product. However, if the consumer market catches up, the company might develop it for consumers in the future.

Industries in Japan are already using tablets to perform maintenance work in a similar fashion. The first workable prototypes of the gloves will be available in Japan by 2015.

Image Source – www.houseofjapan.com 

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