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How Gen-Z can Improve their Lifestyle with Augmented Reality

How Gen-Z can Improve their Lifestyle with Augmented Reality

Gen-Z is termed as the ‘most sedentary generation in American history.’ Described as ‘digital natives’, they are the kids who were born after the turn of the century. The Gen-Z is connected to technology unlike any other generation, which means they tend to spend their time glued to their phones and Xboxes. This has led to the rise in obesity and parents are tempted to keep them away from their mobile devices.  However, technology itself might turn out to be helpful for improving their lifestyle. How is that possible?

Engaging the Kids with Immersive Healthy Experiences

To make the kids work out on their basic health problems, it is necessary to connect with them. Augmented reality has tremendous potential to provide healthy experiences which the kids will be keen to follow. By making health and fitness exciting, kids can be engaged. Developers, health experts and entrepreneurs can concentrate on AR for this purpose.

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Taking Gaming Outdoors

Taking Gen-Z outdoors is a step ahead in making them move. By immersing in nature, kids of this generation do not have to give up on tech. Instead, by combining technology and nature, it can be made interesting. By creating augmented reality games which encourage players to find out hidden treasure or solve puzzles by finding clues in the real world surroundings, kids can be made to leave their couch and interact with the real world.

Games like Ingress, Zombies Run! etc. have been quite popular among the kids. These games require the players to move through the real world to play and win the game.

Redesigning Sports

Sports like basketball, football, baseball, etc have seen a steady decline in the number of kids who want to participate. So, it’s safe to say that it’s time to rethink sports for the Gen-Z. Kids today love to play and work in short spans. They travel between virtual and real spaces and they love to multi-task.

With augmented reality, athletics could be turned into something new to the world which will provide the Gen-Z with the level of engagement they are looking for. Having a head mounted camera such as GoPro will help add to the competition in sports.

Making Good Choices

AR can be used to make smart choices. The technology can be used to train the kids of today’s generation about the smart choices they should make and reward them when they do so. For example, developers could make use of the tracking ability and include it in AR games. Kids could be promoted to the next level of a game, when they complete say 1,000 steps in the real environment. The game could give them the reason to walk out and exercise, which will keep them fit and healthy.

So, by implementing augmented reality, the lifestyle of Gen-Z can be made better and it could help in fighting obesity.

What’s your take?

Do you think augmented reality can really help in improving the health and fitness of Gen-Z? Can you provide some other ideas to make the kids exercise? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – lovimom.ru

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