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Augmented Reality Game Ingress Launched on iOS

Augmented Reality Game Ingress Launched on iOS

Google has launched the iOS version of its popular augmented reality game Ingress. The actual launch of the game had taken place way back in 2012 in a closed beta format. It made a gradual progress and last year in December, the Android version of the game was out for everyone to play. The launch of the iOS version was however a quiet one with only a post in Google+ from Fevenis Silverwind of Niantic Labs. There was no official announcement from Google’s side. Niantic Labs runs this unique AR game which is really popular among gamers. Now iPad and iPhone owners can enjoy this game with the iOS app.

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Google’s Ingress Augmented Reality Game

Ingress is an augmented reality game which lets players to be a part of any of the two teams- Enlightened and Resistance. The goal is to compete against the other team and collect as well as control the “Exotic Matter” by unlocking different clues. This is located virtually in real world locations all across the globe and players have to physically travel to those places to find the Exotic Matter. New clues are provided by Google every week and the events in the game progresses. The players earn points for their own teams as they go on unlocking the clues and claiming local landmarks in the real life. Virtual triangular fields are created over certain areas by linking them with the “portals” which are set up at the public places.

For the iOS version, an Intelligence map is used to track the progress of the players and interact with others. Generally for playing, mobile apps are used. But web-based service is also there using which players can learn about the locations and the status of the game.

Pricing and Availability

The Ingress iOS app is available for free download from the Apple iTunes Store. It has been mainly designed for both iPad and iPhone, but is compatible with iPod Touch as well. It requires iOS version 5.0 or later.

With the release of this iOS version of Ingress, it remains to be seen whether it becomes equally popular among the iOS device owners, as it has been for Android users.

What about you?

Have you played the Android version of Google Ingress? Will you be downloading the iOS app in your mobile device to experience the game? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – www.imore.com

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